Aina Asif, a young showbiz superstar, appeared on the show on ARY Digital’s ‘Shan e Suhoor’ and answered some fun questions from host Nida Yasir.

The host of ‘Shan e Suhoor’ questioned her about being popular in school during one of the show’s segments. “What is that one characteristic that Aina is famous for in her school?”

The Showbiz star stated that she is well-known on campus because of her older brothers in response to the question. “My elder siblings have passed out from the same school I’m enrolled in,” stated the ‘Pehli Si Muhabbat’ actor. “And because my brother was well-known at school, students refer to me as Ahmed’s sister.”


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“Once, I was standing next to a group of girls who were saying like ‘Yeah, she is Aina Asif, sister of Ahmed,’ and I was like, ‘at least be a little low so that I don’t hear it,'” Aina described on the event.

“All the teachers know me for the same reason,” she added. “Also, because all of us [siblings] have similar eyes, another factor.”

Aina is now conquering hearts with her performance of Ahad Raza Mir’s sister in a Ramadan play on a local TV channel.


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