After Dania Shah, another woman is ‘ready’ to marry Aamir Liaquat

After Dania Shah, another woman is ‘ready’ to marry Aamir Liaquat

Morning show presenter Aamir Liaquat, a peculiar blend of religion, politics, and entertainment, has become the target of some rather cruel jokes on social media.

After gaining a lot of fame or notoriety, whatever you want to call it, for doing strange acts on TV shows, marrying one woman after another, publicly fighting with them, washing his dirty linen in public, and then parting ways with them in hilarious ways, it appears that Aamir is becoming more ‘popular,,,’, especially among women.

Days after his third wife, Dania Shah, filed for divorce from him, another lady came out, publicly declaring her love for the self-proclaimed religious scholar who was elected to the National Assembly (MNA) in 2018.

The woman, a cosmetic artist, claims she is not doing this for fame but because she adores Amir. Despite his three failed marriages, she says she wants to marry Aamir. She claims she loves Aamir unconditionally and will do everything he requests to continue their relationship.

She even revealed her post-marriage intentions in an exclusive chat with Daily Pakistan. When asked about her wedding plans, the woman stated that they would first undertake Umrah and thank God before going on vacation.

She admires Aamir for his attractive looks and sense of humor. She claims to be 120kg, but she is willing to shed weight for Aamir’s sake.