Ahsan Khan & Saba Qamar Starrer ‘Fraud’ Starts Off With a Bang!

Ahsan Khan & Saba Qamar Starrer 'Fraud' Starts Off With a Bang!

For weeks, we’ve been teased with the impending drama serial “Fraud” from the pen of Zanjabeel Asim, under the command of Saqib Khan, out of the skill of idream Production, and from the enchantment of ARY Digital’s drama artisanry.

With each teaser, Saba Qamar was seen in bridal gown rejoicing and flaring in front of a mirror, spending love moments with Ahsan Khan, and then a dolled up outcast waiting for someone at the railway station with a pierced heart seemingly victim to treachery, Mikaal Zulfiqar lost in life tragedies with his wife parting ways along with their child, and Ahsan Khan exhibiting a carefree flamboyant


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“Wada tera jhoota, tu ne mujh ko he loota, teray pyar men kahin ki na rahi,” in Ali Zafar’s hypnotic voice, tells the story of an optimistic girl who loses her dreams to a smart swindle and eventually focuses on a sad guy who seems to discover hope for a better

Ahsan Khan, the grey-eyed charmer, and the tres handsome Saba Qamar’s talk of the town periodical “Fraud” with its prologue begins with Saba Qamar, a pious soul longing for her life partner dreaming in a charming bride ensemble getting ready for the big event in a no man’s land, and out of the blue birds nesting in cosy trees begin fluttering around like gloomy clouds before a deadly storm, inkling of a disaster encircling her. Her father is her pride and bravery, her bright and effervescent sister, Rabya Kulsoom, and her hospitable mother, who anticipates good days in her life, are her closest companions.

Saba Qamar desires to be a successful designer and plans to marry her cousin; they have loved each other since they first understood the idea of love, but due to societal conventions and a loving family, she has turned to her father to decide her fate.

Mehmood Aslam as Nasir, a devoted father, husband, brother, and neighbour, wishes for his daughters Saba Qamar as Maya and Rabya Kulsoom as Maira to marry into an affluent family and live a quiet life fit for a princess. Saba Qamar and her down-to-earth cousin Nile (son of her widow phuppo, portrayed by Nazli Nasar) have agreed to marry. Saba’s mother, sister, cousin, and phuppo were all waiting for this joyful news, however the proposal was rejected due to Saba’s respect for the family’s leader. Saba’s phuppo and mother had a hunch that her father would reject the proposal, but they were beholden to the wants of their children.

Mehmood Aslam believes his widowed sister’s home to be his own and handles all of their operating expenditures because Nile is now unemployed. Saba continues to get offers from nice families, but her father turns them down due to his wishful thinking for a wealthy family; he also finally rejects Nile’s proposal, but still loves him as his son. Nile and his mother are devastated by the rejection, as are Saba, her sister, and mother, who believe that fate has something greater in store for them.


A quick glimpse of the putative adversary Ahsan Khan’s persona shows him making a marriage proposal over the internet, evidently a diabolical perpetrator of his ignoble ambitions.

Ahsan Khan’s characters do not require any conversation; the instant he appeared on the screen, we knew he was the antagonist of the plot, just as Saba Qamar’s character was a clean and kind ambitious young woman full of wonderful hopes. Mikaal Zulfiqar’s persona is still absent, as he has yet to emerge with his charisma.


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It was an hour of pure enjoyment when our eyes never left the television, hoping for the second episode to broadcast soon. The performance is without a doubt the greatest of the season.