Aiman Muneeb Sports Perfect Desi Look For Your Eid Dinner

Aiman Muneeb has always been the one to break new ground when it comes to wearing Indian clothes. There are so many different kinds of clothes in the movie, and the actress has shown us how to do them all.

Always, the diva wears clothes that are classy and stylish. Even though she can wear some very fashionable clothes, you can’t argue that she looks beautiful in traditional clothes. Black seems to be her favorite color, and this calm shade of blue does justice to her elegant style, so she should wear it.


All the attention was on the star of Hari Hari Churiyan. The simple and minimalist look is a real treat when it comes to styling. A lot of people think she likes to wear black. She has shown that time and time again.


Eid is coming up, and you can get some ideas from Aiman. Her outfit is perfect for Eid lunches, and it has a lot of good style ideas.

Aiman Muneeb Sports Perfect Desi Look
Source: instgram

When you look at the dress, you’ll see that it has very detailed sequin work and a scalloped edge with lace. People thought she was an expert on fashion because of the mix of black and fur.

Source: instgram

Aiman Muneeb looked like the best thing about summer. Her favorite thing to do is keep things simple but classy, like this look. Another thing you can learn from her is how to keep your accessories to a minimum so that everyone can see your beautiful outfit. A pair of glitzy drop earrings and a watch were all the actress added to her outfit, which she didn’t bother with. She let her hair down with the middle part.

Source: instgram

Aiman looks insanely stylish in this quirky outfit. What is your take on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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