Alex Murdaugh’s killers found ‘chilling details’ about disgraced lawyer in body camera footage taken as wife and son lay dead

Internet geeks say they’ve spotted a chilling detail in dash cam footage from the night Alex Murdaugh claims he found his wife and son dead.

A number of eagle-eyed detectives have combed through the chilling footage showing the night the disgraced lawyer called police to the horrific scene.


Internet Techs Cite Alex Murdaugh’s Seemingly Bizarre Behavior In Bodycam FootageCredit: Colleton County Sheriff’s Office


Insiders say Murdaugh, pictured in court, appeared to walk “calmly” past the bodies of his wife and sonCredit: AP

The video appears to show Murdaugh walking past the bodies of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, before speaking to an officer.

Multiple sleuths claimed Murdaugh walked “calmly” past the bodies of his loved ones before warning the officer he grabbed a gun “because of the scene.”

Another worker claimed that Murdo looked like he was running away from the officer, which some found strange.

The rest of the video shows Murdaugh being searched by the officer after he told him about the gun and confirmed that the two bodies belonged to his wife and son.

Alex Murdaugh offers chilling theory about who killed his son during the trials
Alex Murdaugh 'wasn't truthful' during 'disturbing' court testimony


During Murdaugh’s testimony Thursday, there were several body language clues that an expert says could indicate he was lying.

The scion of a powerful family South Carolina The lawyers are accused of fatally shooting his wife and son after the couple allegedly planned to confront him about his prescription pill addiction in 2021.

Murdaugh pleaded not guilty.

“I never, ever shot my wife or my son,” the 54-year-old told the court.

“I would never intentionally do anything to hurt either of you.”

But body language expert Patti Wood said Murdaugh made some subliminal gestures that indicated he might be lying.

Wood’s opinion is based on her observation of the public trial, but not on any private analysis of Murdaugh.

At one point the defendant broke down in tears talking about his relationship with son Paul.

“As he was crying, he was doing things with his tongue,” Wood said.

He described the movement as “tongue cleaning,” which Wood claimed is a subconscious attempt to rid the mouth of the words a person has just spoken.

That’s a very rare move for a person to cry, Wood said. He has only seen the two actions happen together on one other occasion.

This suggests that “crying is not about losing the relationship,” he speculated.

While talking about where he was at the time of the murders, Murdaugh made two other mouth movements called “tongue eraser” and “tongue eraser.”

Wood described them as uncontrolled movements that show a “passive-aggressive” attitude toward the questioner.

Murdaugh made a lot of oral adjustments in general, which Wood said can happen when a person has dry mouth. This is often an indicator of stress or discomfort, he claimed.

Defendant’s general demeanor while on the stand also raised suspicions about Wood.

“It’s interesting that he’s hunched over,” he said.

That’s a “protective” stance Murdaugh uses to insulate himself from lines of questioning he’s not comfortable with, Wood said.

Murdaugh was also visibly red-faced during his testimony, which Wood said could indicate stress and embarrassment.

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While these are not telling on their own, combined with some of the other evidence suggests that Murdaugh may have been untruthful, he believes.

Also in the video, Murdaugh could be seen walking away from the officer


Also in the video, Murdaugh could be seen walking away from the officerCredit: Colleton County Sheriff’s Office
Murdaugh told the officer he had a gun and was immediately searched


Murdaugh told the officer he had a gun and was immediately searchedCredit: South Carolina Law Enforcement Division