Alex wassabi twitter and Instagram viral video

Alex wassabi twitter and Instagram viral video

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another day in which we will present you with really important information. Boxing is an ancient sport with a rich history, and it, like all sports, has its own set of secrets and interpretations. The boxing encounter between South African combatants Deji and Alex Wassabi Twitter, which took place on YouTube and has since gone viral on social media, is widely regarded as one of the sport’s most significant incidents.

The historic fight took place at a boxing gym in Cape Town, South Africa. Among the various social media channels, YouTube stood out as the best option for staging such an event. The entire event was live streamed on YouTube’s website. Keep an eye on our website,, for the most up-to-date information!!!!

Complete bout video of Alex Wassabi

Ryan Taylor, a boxer with a lengthy and successful career that featured a number of historic matches, was eliminated in the first round of the YouTube tournament. During the competition, he and another candidate got into an argument, and as a result, he was disqualified. When and why did the fight begin? Mr. Alex Wassabi, another contestant, allegedly headbutted Ryan Taylor in the face. In truth, the conflict started when Alex Wassabi, a British YouTuber known as “The Bearded Prankster,” got into a physical argument with Ryan Taylor, a former boxer known for the major fights he had throughout his career.

Both the Deji fight and the Alex Wassabi fight were invalidated, and both the boxer and his opponent were banned from YouTube as a result. As a result, the YouTube boxing event has grown significantly more acrimonious. The battle was supposed to take place on Thursday evening, but it now appears that it will take place a few weeks later than planned.

Video highlights of the whole battle between Deji and Alex Wassabi

The showdown that everyone had been anticipating finally took place yesterday. Ryan Taylor, a well-known referee, oversaw a boxing-style match between Deji Olatunji, 23, and Alex Wassabi, a social media celebrity with over 900,000+ followers on YouTube. Deji Olatunji squared off against Alex Wassabi.

Ryan Taylor, a martial arts specialist, was in command at first, but as the film progressed, Deji Odo gained confidence as he deflected blows and landed his own punches. During the boxing match, Alexander Wassabi was slammed to the ground back first, and after rising, he suffered a strong shot to the shoulder. The brawl eventually into a boxing contest.

alex wassabi twitter and Instagram

Deji has emerged victorious from the conflict. Congratulations! This duel was rather tight from the start of the first round until about the fifth round, when Alex’s performance began to deteriorate. Alex was still flinging Deji about the ring with some good strikes, but he appeared fatigued as the fight progressed. Despite his inability to finish Deji, Alex was still landing some solid strokes.