Anandiba Aur Emily 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi Sees The Puppy

Anandiba Aur Emily 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update

Anandiba Aur Emily Written Episode, Written Update for October 3, 2022.

At the beginning of the episode, Anandi tells Aarav to go get some milk. Aarav throws his clothes on the puppy and covers them with them. He makes excuses. Emily says she wants a dog. Aarav wants a puppy, she says. Anandi says that you can’t bring your dog here. Emily and Aarav go get the dog. People watch as Phalguni puts the puppy in the machine. Emily tells Phalguni to go get Emily’s clothes. Aarav looks and says, “Thank God, it’s just a teddy bear.” Emily ends up with the dog. Aarav lies to Phalguni.

Now, they should take the puppy and go. Emily gets to know Krishna. He says to always remember that everything that happens is for the best. He goes. Gunjan can hear what Aarav and Emily are saying. She asks Pinky what’s going on. It’s a face pack, according to Pinky. Gunjan says something about a plan to switch the basket. She tells her to stick to her plan and not do anything else. Pinky goes and mixes up the baskets of Emily and Gunjan. She jokes and talks to Anandi. Anandi says I don’t do any biassing.

Pinky says that if you hadn’t given me such a nice basket, I would have done my own shopping. Gunjan tells Pinky to show Anandi the things. The basket is given by Pinky. Anandi tells me to take it to the kitchen and check it out. She’s going. The basket is seen by Aarav and Emily. If Aarav says it’s the basket with the groceries, that means Anandi took the basket with the puppies. He asks Emily, “If my mom kicks me out, will you take me to the US?” Anandi gets hurt. Aarav says he’s sorry but was afraid to tell the truth. Why? she asks. He says we got saved. He makes excuses, and takes Anandi. The basket is taken by Emily. Pinky says our plan didn’t work out. Gunjan says, “Let me handle it.” Anandi asks Aaghya to fix the locket so that the diamond fits in it. Pinky doesn’t get it, so she cries. She says, “I’m sorry about the death of your family member.” She is called a fool by Anandi.

Anandiba Aur Emily 3rd October 2022 Written Episode

She tells Pinky off. Gunjan takes the ball out of the basket and throws it at the puppy to make it run outside. Anandi told Aarav to fix the locket by taking it to a jeweler. The ball is thrown by Gunjan. Dog runs. Aarav says the style is old, so you should change it. She says that it reminds her of her grandmother, who gave it to her. Gulab jokes. Gunjan will bring food. Pinky talks about the diamond in the locket. Gunjan lets go of the spoon. She tells Aaghya to choose a spoon. Aaghya takes Anandi’s permission.

The puppy is there when he looks down. He claims that a dog is under the table. Everyone, including Anandi, yells when they see the puppy. Gunjan asks who took care of this dog. She tells Aarav that he will be caught if he doesn’t act. Aarav tells Emily to be quiet with a sign. Emily says I got him. Anandi wants to know why and where. Emily and Aarav are very honest. Gulab says the dog’s fate is so good. Gunjan says that the puppy has also eaten the diamond from the locket. Everyone is taken aback. Anandi screams no.

Anandi sees Emily jump and asks her why she is doing that. Emily says, “I have good news for you, but it’s Aarav’s first right.” Gunjan congratulates Anandi for becoming a Dadi again.