Android Users Are Better Drivers than iPhone Users — Research

Android Users Are Better Drivers than iPhone Users — Research

The competition between iPhone and Android users is legendary. A new study has thrown fuel to the fire, claiming that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users.

Research conducted by Jerry, an auto insurance comparison website, examined the driving behaviors of 20,000 US-based drivers over 13 million kilometers.

Researchers divided the findings into six categories: braking, acceleration, turning, speed, distracted driving, and overall driving safety. According to the report, Android users outperformed iPhone users in all six areas.

It was most noticeable in the distracted driving part, where iPhone users scored six points lower in safe driving. Other discoveries included:

“Among users of both operating systems, older married people, homeowners, who live in the Midwest, have bachelor’s or more advanced degrees, and higher credit ratings scored highest overall.

However, it is worth noting that Android users outperformed iPhone users in every category. For example, single Android users outperformed married iPhone users, while Android users with no advanced degrees outperformed iPhone users with advanced degrees.

Even within the underlying socioeconomic levels, Android users outperformed iPhone users. However, the study focuses solely on the behavioral element instead of the usability side. According to the survey, Android users are more prone to obey regulations, while iPhone users are more rebellious.