Jazz Daily Bajao Offer Unsubscribe Code 2022

Jazz Daily Bajao Offer Unsubscribe Code

If you’re looking for the bajao daily jazz deal unsubscribe code 2022, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come to the correct place if you have the Bajao app on your phone and want to disable it in 2022.

For all Pakistani music fans, Jazz has introduced a new service. Yes, you may now enjoy fixed-rate access to songs, naat, no hay, and many more forms of audio and visual entertainment. This service has only been available for a few years, but it has already attracted many Pakistani music fans.

As a result, I’ve detailed the Jazz Bajao Offer’s features, bundles, activation fee, and subscribe + unsubscribe codes for your convenience. So please remain in touch with us so that you may learn everything there is to know about this service.

Jazz Daily Bajao Offer 2022

With the “Jazz Bajao Offer,” you’ll get access to an endless number of tracks (audio and video) as well as a lot more. Create playlists for your favorite songs, naats, nohay, qawali, and other content so you can listen to your favorite music and audio + video content when offline.

Unsubscribe Code 2022 for Jazz Daily Bajao

Please send the message “Unsub” to 7778 from your jazz sim number to unsubscribe or deactivate “Jazz Bajao Offer.”

You may easily disable the “Bajao” service with the official application.

Subscription Code for Jazz Daily Bajao

This service is only available on your smartphone if you download and install the free “Jazz Bajao Music App” from the Google Play Store. Then call 7778 to access the never-ending library of audio and video entertainment.

Bajao Information daily

This is the comprehensive “Jazz Bajao Offer” sub, unsub, pricing, and bundles. As a result, please look at all of the information about the service in one location.


All Bajao App Packages & Prices

The validity of the three packages is determined by how long they are valid. You may sign up for these packages and begin listening to music online and downloading it to your device.

  • Every day (PKR 6)
  • once a week (PKR 40)
  • Once a month (PKR 100)