Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Viraj Tries To Mislead Yuvan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode, Written Update for October 3, 2022.

Yuvan says he is not a joker and reminds Viraj that he saved Banni from a Raja goon before and would have saved her again today because he is Banni’s prince and she is his princess, and they are married. So what, Viraj says. Agastya looks more like Banni’s prince than Yuvan. Yuvan shoves him away and tells Banni that they need to go home. Banni says something and trips. He is held by Agastya. Yuvan takes Banni away by holding her hand. Viraj tells Manini that it’s easy to control Yuvan but hard to control Banni. Manini says she finds it easy. When Charmie calls to say she’s sick, Viraj rushes home to take care of her.

Yuvan tells Banni that he felt helpless when he couldn’t save her from the swimming pool, but he’s happy that she’s safe. Banni wonders why Yuvan’s touch makes her feel different today. She says that he acted like a real hero when he saved her from Agastya’s friend. Yuvan says it is his duty to protect her because he cares most about her dignity. He treats her well. Doorbell rings. Someone has come, according to Banni. Agastya gives Yuvan a bunch of flowers. Banni apologizes for what happened at his party by reading it. Yuvan has a bad headache and is tired. Banni does his best to cheer him up. The next morning, Banni is making her lunches when Devraj comes in and tells her that Yuvan’s doctor sent his medicine.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd October 2022 Written Episode

Banni shows Devraj how Yuvan is acting normally while teaching music to his students. He asks Devraj if he doesn’t think Yuvan looks more confident since he stopped taking his medications, which were making him feel strange. Devraj says that they can’t doubt the doctor because he is loyal. Banni asks the doctor if he or she works for Manini. Devraj says that the doctor has been taking care of Yuvan for a long time before Manini got there, so they can’t doubt the doctor. He keeps telling her to give Yuvan the medicine. It’s true. The doctor calls Manini to tell her that Yuvan’s medicine has been sent.

Viraj comes out with Charmie in his arms and tells everyone that they are going to be parents. His whole family is happy for him. He gives Devraj, Yuvan, and others sweets and hugs them with a big smile. Yuvan says that Viraj gave him his first hug and looks very happy about it. Devraj says that when a person has a child, he changes. Viraj tries to give Manini a sweet, but she stops him and tells him that he needs to split up Banni and Yuvan to get a 50% share of the property or his baby will live in poverty. Banni does nice things for Charmie and tells her she will take care of her and make her special energy laddus. Viraj thinks he won’t let Banni take his baby’s right away from him.

Yuvan thinks that Viraj looks so happy about the baby coming that he and Banni would be happy too if they had a baby. Viraj comes up to him and acts nice, then uses him against Banni. He asks if Banni likes Agastya.

In the end, Yuvan gives Banni the wrong medicine, which makes her sick. Yuvan didn’t take care of Banni, so Agastya lashes him with his tongue. He hopes that if he had been in Banni’s life, he would have taken good care of her.