Beetlejuice 2 Release Date, When will the Beetlejuice sequel release?

Beetlejuice 2 Release Date, When will the Beetlejuice sequel release

Tim Burton’s planned horror comedy picture Beetlejuice 2 is based on Mike Vukadinovich’s screenplay.

It also acts as a direct sequel to the 1988 Halloween favourite film Beetlejuice, which remains famous among fantasy comedy film lovers today.

Fans continue to watch the film now because of its captivating story and Burton’s wacky storyline execution of the afterlife that everyone adores.

Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are producing the film through KatzSmith Productions, Plan B Entertainment, Warner Bros., and Tim Burton Productions.

Is Beetlejuice 2 a go?

Yes, Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B Entertainment has officially confirmed Beetlejuice 2. The project has long been in the works at Warner Bros., according to the announcement.

Winona Ryder, the lead actress, also stated in 2015 that a sequel will undoubtedly occur, and that she will be a part of it.

Even though Keaton said in a 2016 interview with Variety that the time for a sequel had gone, the sequel is still in the works for 2022, similar to the Descendants 4 film on Disney.

Tim Burton may not want to destroy the film’s plot with a sequel. As a result, writing screenplays takes a long time.

The conversations must be strange and hilarious enough to drive the audience insane, or else the cult classic era will be over.

First and foremost, Beetlejuice was Burton’s most successful and least criticised film, which is why the filmmaker is so cautious about its development.

When will the Beetlejuice sequel be released?

A sequel has been boarded to Plan B Entertainment, according to Deadline in February 2022, with screenplays still to be developed. Since then, no director, studio, or producer has provided an update on the sequel’s status.

We can’t say anything right now, but we’re hoping to hear some good news from the film’s original makers before Halloween.

Beetlejuice 2 may be stuck in development hell, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be back. Even IMDb indicates that a Beetlejuice sequel film is in the works, but little progress has been made.

If the screenplays are already prepared and filming begins in September 2022, the second instalment of Beetlejuice is likely to be released in late 2023 under Warner Bros distribution.

Who will play Beetlejuice in the sequel?

There have been no casting announcements for the new picture, but Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, and Winona Ryder are reported to star. No scriptwriters have been assigned.

Another popular speculation is that Johnny Depp will leave Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and Disney to appear in the film. If the story is accurate, it will be fantastic because fans are eager to watch Johnny Depp in his new role in the film.

Only God knows what the producers are up to, and everything is a rumour until the actual cast details are out.

The chemistry between Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, as well as Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O’Hara in supporting roles, was favourably received by the crowd. As a result, they are expected to repeat their roles.

Because the original film featured powerful characters played by the top performers, we anticipate that the majority of the cast members will reprise their roles in the sequel.

Where can I see Beetlejuice(1988)?

The 1988 film is available only on Peacock Premium in the United States and on Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom. After its theatrical run, Beetlejuice 2 will be released on the same network.


The creators have not yet published an official trailer, teaser, or promotional poster, but don’t worry, we will keep you updated if a new trailer is released online.

What will the story of Beetlejuice 2 be?

The first film was set in the 1990s and revolved around Adam and Barbara, a normal couple who become ghosts after losing their lives in a car accident.

Due to the complicated afterlife laws, the Maitlands are unable to leave their homeland and begin haunting new home owners, the Deetz family.

If the ghosts scare Deetzes away, they will be able to live quietly in their house again. This draws Betelgeuse, a freelance bio-exorcist, and the real fun begins.

Beetlejuice 2 will tell the narrative of a deceased family seeking Betelgeuse’s assistance.