Black Crab Netflix Movie (2022) Watch Online

Black Crab Netflix Movie (2022) Watch Online

The action-adventure drama Black Crab is coming to Netflix based on Swedish military books. Adam Berg makes it. Noomi Rapace, Ardalan Esmaili, and Dar Salim play major roles in this movie. From March 18, 2022, Netflix will be the only place to watch Black Crab.

The story follows a soldier woman who attempts to save her daughter and end an apocalyptic war by delivering a top-secret cargo across a frozen sea. Will she be able to do what she wants to do? That’s the main point of the story.

Black Crab Movie Details

Here are the details for the Netflix movie Black Crab 2022,

Name: Black Crab
Genre: Action-adventure drama
Cast:  Noomi Rapace, Ardalan Esmaili, Dar Salim
Director: Adam Berg
Streaming Platform: Netflix
OTT Release Date: March 18, 2022
Language: English