Box Office: Chiranjeevi’s Acharya has a Disastrous opening weekend in India

Box Office Chiranjeevi's Acharya has a Disastrous opening weekend in India

Acharya had a horrible opening weekend at the box office, with barely over Rs. 50 crores in three days. The Chiranjeevi-starrer had a bad opening on Friday, then crashed dramatically on Saturday due to poor reception, and Sunday saw another drop in collections. Due to Eid, it may be able to collect some worthwhile numbers in the following two or three days, but after that, it will be lights out for the film.

Acharya’s box office collections in India are as follows:

Friday – Rs. 32 crores
Saturday – Rs. 11.35 crores
Sunday – Rs. 10 crores
Total – Rs. 53.35 crores

The share earned in India over the weekend is a pitiful Rs. 35 crores, compared to the film’s distributor’s investment of roughly Rs. 110 crores. The film’s losses will exceed Rs. 70 crores, making it one of the biggest flops in Tollywood history. The last two Chiranjeevi films since his comeback in 2017 have done record-breaking business in Telugu states; this one will, too, but not the ones anyone wants.

The territorial breakdown for the opening weekend of Acharya in India is as follows:
Nizam – Rs. 16.50 crores (Rs. 9.75 crores share)
Ceeded – Rs. 6.50 crores (Rs. 5.30 crores share)
Andhra – Rs. 24.50 crore (Rs. 17.25 crores share)
AP/TS – Rs. 47.50 crores (Rs. 32.30 crores share)
Karnataka – Rs. 4 crores (Rs. 2 crores share)
North India – Rs. 90 lakhs (Rs. 35 lakhs share)
Tamil Nadu/Kerala – Rs. 95 lakhs (Rs. 35 lakh share)
India – Rs. 53.35 crores (Rs. 35 crores share)