Changan’s Newest EV Will Take on Tesla Model 3 in China [Images]

Changan unveiled the Shenlan SL03 (previously known as C385) EV in China last month. The tiny vehicle will be positioned to compete with Tesla Model 3. Changan collaborated with Huawei and CATL to produce the Shenlan SL03. Among the trio’s previous collaborations are two other EV companies, Avatr and Lumin.


Tesla Model 3

According to reports, the Shenlan SL03 will feature two powertrain options:

  • The ‘EV’ model includes a single electric motor with 218 horsepower (hp) and a range of up to 700 kilometres.
  • The ‘EREV’ type includes a 1.5-liter normally aspirated petrol engine and an electric motor that produces 258 horsepower and has a range of up to 1,200 km.
  • According to reports, the Shenlan SL03 will also be available in a Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFCV) variant with the same range and power output as the EV but with the advantage of rapid hydrogen fuel fill-up.

Changan says that their new electric vehicle has a crisp design that enables for a drag coefficient of under 0.230. Lucid Air, for example, has a class-leading drag coefficient of 0.200. It’s extremely remarkable that Shenlan C385 is this close.

Tesla Model 3

Changan is currently keeping the technical specifications of its EV under wraps, but we do know that it will include:

  • There are 27 distinct sensors and level 4 autonomous driving assistance.
  • Qualcomm’s SA8155P Automotive Development Platformcomputer chip for computers that power autonomous driving systems.

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