Chicago PD spoilers: What happened in season 9 episode 20?

Chicago PD spoilers What happened in season 9 episode 20

Season 9 of Chicago PD has delivered some tragic tales. It seems reasonable, considering the pain that all of the characters have had to go through and the sacrifices they’ve made for the greater good.

The most recent episode of the program, “Memory,” follows the season 9 subject of trauma and ghosts from the past. The squad is compelled to review a cold case with modern-day links, and the parallels between the patient and the police officers’ personal lives result in some unpleasant confrontations.

The following post includes detailed spoilers for the most recent episode of Chicago PD!

What occurred last night on Chicago PD? (The 11th of May)

The episode starts with one of the most bizarre cases in the show’s history. An elderly couple is discovered slain in their bed, but the circumstances leading up to their deaths leave the investigators perplexed. In their dying hours, the pair had supper, a bleach bath, and were read a goodnight tale, all of which fit perfectly with a cold case dating back two decades.

The cold case included a youngster called Daniel, who was discovered at a rest station after receiving a bleach wash. However, because information regarding the patient was scant, the police dismissed Daniel’s statements and did little to investigate the suspects.

Daniel is now a respectable adult with a family. Still, his account of the kidnapping is a touch too fantastical to be believed seriously. Burgess (Marina Squerciati) believes him when he recalls birds, flowers, and “pink dust” that dropped from the ceiling. Still, she is also concerned that his memory is incorrect.

Burgess and Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) take up the investigation, and they can’t help but compare Daniel’s anguish to Makayla’s (Ramona Edith Willaims) current trauma. The two overcame their fears and hunted down a suspect working on the building where Daniel was allegedly held, hostage.

They finally uncover that the guy, Jim, murdered Daniel’s parents and concealed their bodies for years. The finding confirms Daniel’s recollections and helps him make peace with the past in a way that seemed unimaginable before.

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Ruzek’s experience with the case prompts considerable introspection on his behalf. He informs Burgess that he wishes to purchase his father’s home so that she and Makayla may live there (he goes as far as to say he will stay at his current apartment so that they can continue to have space).

Burgess first rejects the offer, but Ruzek adds that the longer Makayla stays at their present location, the more likely she is to revisit the traumatic memories of her kidnapping. The episode concludes in a dark tone since we are unsure of Burgess’ decision.

Ruzek makes a convincing case, but it’s too early to know whether their choice to move in together will be the solution their family requires. We want the best for the characters, but considering the recurring drama of Chicago PD finales, we anticipate there will be more issues.