Copy and Paste Text From Android to Windows 11/10 and Vice Versa

Did you ever want to copy some text from your Android phone and paste it on your computer, or the other way around? To copy and paste a text message that you wrote on your PC to your Android phone, for example, you might want to copy the URL from your phone and paste it on your computer to see it on a bigger screen. A keyboard made by Microsoft called SwiftKey on Android can do this.

You can now copy and paste text between your Android phone and a Windows computer with the new version of Microsoft’s SwitftKey app. Clipboard history sync only works if you have a computer with the October 2018 update or later or a computer with Windows 11 that has the October 2018 update.

How to Sync Your Clipboard Between Windows and Android

1. Download or update the SwitftKey app from the Play Store.

2. In the Swiftkey keyboard app, tap the “Rich Input” button.

3: Next, go to Clipboard, and on the next page, turn on the Sync Clipboard history option. This will make your clipboard history show up on your phone.

4: Open the Settings app on your Windows 10 PC. Then, click on System.

5. In the system menu, scroll down and choose the Clipboard option.

6. Then, turn on the Clipboard history option and ensure the option to sync across your devices is turned on.

Set up Clipboard history in Windows 11:

Open the Settings app. Select System. Then, scroll down to Clipboard and turn on Clipboard history.

8. Then, go to the Clipboard settings and ensure that “Share across devices” is turned on there.

It’s now possible to copy and paste text from an Android phone to a Windows PC. You can copy text from your Android phone and paste it on your Windows 10 or 11 computer or copy text from your computer and paste it on Android. It is a good thing to have.

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