Dania reveals hidden side of Aamir Liaquat’s personality in new interview

Dania reveals hidden side of Aamir Liaquat’s personality in new interview

As the spat with morning show presenter Dr. Aamir Liaquat Husain and his estranged wife Dania has warmed up, the girl has claimed that Aamir uses cocaine.

Dania offered video proof to prove her charges against Aamir in an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistan. Aamir is a member of the National Assembly (MNA) who recently left his party leader Imran Khan before being expelled from office by a vote of no-confidence.

Aamir reportedly told Dania that his second wife, Tuba Anwar, was the one who first introduced him to drugs. She claims Aamir threatened to divorce her if she didn’t do drugs with him. Despite Aamir’s persistence, she claims she would not use drugs, but she would appear as if she did.

Dania claims that if she refused to take the drugs, Aamir would shout at her. Aamir’s home staff, she claims, would provide him with cocaine. She claims Aamir began torturing her the day after they married. She claims that her parents tried to convince him not to use drugs, but he refused.

Aamir, according to Dania, does not pray or recite the Holy Quran daily. She claimed she married Aamir because she believed he was a religious expert who would teach her spiritual practices such as daily prayers and the Holy Quran. She claims that Aamir is only a religious scholar on TV and not real life.

In response to a question regarding her alleged loose character, Dania claims that Aamir would have divorced her the next day if she had had any. She claims Aamir made similar allegations against his second wife, Tuba, and now he’s making them against her.

Dania claims she never stated she was from the Syed family when Aamir introduced her to the world as a woman from the Syed family. She believes Aamir should be questioned about it. She denies that Aamir gave her a car or a house as a present. She claims that the only thing she wants from Aamir is divorce.

In response to an inquiry regarding her meeting with then-Prime Minister Imran Khan, Dania claims Khan advised Aamir to look after her. Dania posted a TikTok video a few days before formally filing for divorce, in which she denied any animosity with Aamir. She now claims she made the video on Aamir’s behalf. She claims Aamir compelled her to make the video because members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were interrogating him about his recent marriage. She refuted Aamir’s assertion that he did not touch her. She claims Aamir did this and that it was his sole motivation for marrying her.

Dania stated near the end of the brief interview that her life was in danger, as was that of her only brother, sisters, and mother, and that she should be given security.

Dania’s mother, who was also present during the interview, stated that the two sides had little prospect of reconciling. She claimed that because Aamir lacked mental balance, they would be unable to get along with him.