Deepika Padukone is worried about being written off because of her accent

Deepika Padukone is a well-known actress in Bollywood. However, she voiced fear in a recent interview about being “written off” because of her South Indian accent.
The actress revealed that she came from a sporty family and spoke with a ‘disrespected’ accent. “My South Indian accent was also frowned upon. And I was first concerned that I would be dismissed as a result,” she explained.

She was also questioned about how she felt about being acknowledged. As one of the performers who has influenced the way, women are represented in films. “Any appreciation for that transformation will be accepted, no matter how modest or large,” Padukone remarked.
Deepika also spoke about her ascent to the top. While becoming one of India’s most famous female idols. “I observe the clear discrepancy between men and women in practically every facet of life.” She added, “but I’ve never felt the need to compare.”

As a result of her success, the actress and producer discussed the improvements she can now bring to the industry. “I became an observer by accident as an outsider to the industry. Which I believe has helped me to challenge the existing quo. I probably didn’t have the confidence or clout to affect change in the past. However, the desire to do so was always there.”

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