Did Janelle Brown Lose Weight From Sister Wives?

JANELLE Brown has consistently expressed her desire to lose weight during her time on Sister Wives.

She shared her 2023 body transformation with her fans on social media.


Janelle Brown photographed on Instagram

Did Janelle Brown Lose Weight From Sister Wives?

As of January 2023, Janelle Brown shared with her fans on Instagram that she wanted to lose some of the holiday weight after showing off her dramatic 100-pound weight loss following her split from ex-husband Kody .

On Friday, January 6, 2023, Janelle shared a photo on her Instagram Stories of some Plexus brand weight loss supplements that she has been using for the past few months.

In the text, she revealed that she and daughter Savannah, 18, are paying extra attention to their health ahead of an exciting family trip.

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“Savannah and I are resetting this weekend before going to Disneyland next weekend,” the Sister Wives star wrote.

Sister Wives' Janelle reveals son Gabe's new look with a massive makeover

“Getting our digestion back on track and losing some of that holiday ‘fluff’.”

What did Janelle Brown previously say about her weight loss?

The TV star previously showed off her toned physique in November 2022.

The mum-of-six started flaunting her new body even more after splitting with long-term husband Kody, 53.

She slimmed down to half her size, which equated to an impressive 100kg loss.

Janelle attributed some of her weight loss success to Plexus, the powdered supplement she called “pink drink.”

Janelle’s weight loss predates her split from Kody by a few years, after the couple’s issues started “a year or two ago during Covid”, a source told US Sun.

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Janelle Brown poses with her daughter Maddie


Janelle Brown poses with her daughter MaddieCredit: Instagram / Madison Brush

Which other Sister Wives members have lost weight?

Aside from Janelle, Christine and Meri have also been showing off their new looks since their split from Kody.

All three sisters have been spending extra hours at the gym to show their ex what he’s been missing out on.

They are also working on figuring out their next moves after leaving Kody.

In February 2022 for example, Christine Brown she showed off her trim figure in an Instagram selfie.

At the time, she did not yet reveal the exact number of her weight loss journey.

However, she regularly updates her fans and she captioned one of her posts: “This is just to thank you for your support! We all need support to face our challenges and I really appreciate you.”