Download Choodiwala Web Series Ullu Watch Online

Download Choodiwala Web Series Ullu Watch Online

This post will inform you about a couple of fascinating and upcoming sequences you can watch online. The identity of this online sequence is Choodhiwala. So, you recognize Ullu app is approaching the trending these days because it’s making the most effective and daring leisure internet sequence, so many people haven’t been acutely aware of the brand new upcoming series, so we’ll inform you concerning the new internet sequence which you’ll be able to watch on the Ullu app if you happen to haven’t watched the trailer the Ullu app has given it on the YouTube channel.

So let’s get to know this internet sequence and the online sequence cast inside and out. Choodhiwala internet sequence will be launched on July 5 on the OLO app. Regarding the cast, we’ll observe Alianaz Pallavi Debnath participate as the first cast. In terms of the style of the online sequence, it’s a love plus Romance sequence.

Choodiwala Web Sequence Storyline 

Everyone appears to be curious about the story of this internet series, so on this internet sequence, we’ll see a Choodiwala who product sales bangle while utilising his bicycle. He went to a village to promote the entire bangles; however, he surprisingly began making a relationship with alone and dissatisfied women. The woman will get happy when he gives the place bangles to the woman, after which she invites her to satisfy. The narrative’s plot is that the person selling bangles is focused on these women alone in their homes. To learn more about this internet series, you must wait until July 5, 2022, after which you can view it on the Ullu app.

Choodiwala Web Sequence: Trailer

Choodiwala Web Sequence: The place To Watch

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So all you have to do is watch movies and online series in Hindi, and this app was released on December 25, 2018. If you want to subscribe to the Ullu app, you will get a subscription for Rs 252 and will be able to watch all of the shows and movies.

Choodiwala Web Series Details:

Web Series Choodiwala
Genre Drama
Country India
Language Hindi
Release date 5 July 2022
Season 1
Part 1
No. of episodes 2
Directed by Ankur Kakatkar
Starring Pallavi Debnath
Akshay Milind
Kishor Yelne
Vinod Singh
Aliya Naaz
Ankita Bhatacharya
Production company Ullu Digital Private Limited
Distributor Ullu App

Choodiwala (Part 1) Web Series Cast and Character:

  • Pallavi Debnath (Bhuri),
  • Akshay Milind (Lala),
  • Kishor Yelne (Murari),
  • Vinod Singh (Triloki),
  • Aliya Naaz (Sangeeta),
  • Ankita Bhatacharya (Kajri)