Dubai porta-potty, Twitter full footage exposed youtube viral Twitter stories explained

Dubai porta-potty Twitter full footage exposed youtube viral Twitter stories explained

WATCH: Dubai Porta Potty Viral Twitter Video Stories Leave Reddit Scandalized: There are thousands of videos on social media, and new ones are put online every day. Some videos get everyone’s attention right away and start to be talked about everywhere. One of these videos is the talk of the town right now, and netizens are eager to learn more about it. At the moment, keywords like “Porta Potty Dubai Video” are popular and being looked up a lot. Why does everyone want to know about the “Porta Potty Dubai” video?

Porta Potty Viral Twitter Video

People have many different reactions to the videos that are going viral. In the video, a girl named Porta, who became known as “Potty” and lives in Dubai, is seen. The video that everyone is talking about now shows the same girl doing some kind of strange s**ual activity. Someone she knew told her about the same girl. People pay a lot of attention to the video and what her friends say about her. Dubai Video Porta Potty Stories on Twitter

Porta Potty Dubai Stories Twitter Video

A woman who doesn’t want to be named wants to make a lot of money and live in styles like her friends and acquaintances. She said she went to Dubai for the weekend, and the trip was even more fun because her rich friend paid for everything. Later, the anonymous woman said that her coworker is a high-class escort who works in Dubai for wealthy people. She also said that she stayed there for a weekend and was hit on by high-class people who want to make physical contact.

Porta Potty Dubai Video Viral on Twitter

The woman didn’t say who she was, but she talked about some other very bad things that had happened to her, like being beaten up and being offered a person’s feces in exchange for $40,000 (GH 200,000). She said that after she finished her job, she went to see her co-worker and told her she liked her as a friend. She gave her the name “potty,” and she took it without question. She told me that her friend Porta has a flat in Newport Beach and drives a 2011 CL550. The unknown woman said that she can’t believe that a girl who hasn’t even finished college can live in such luxury. She told everyone that she wants to live like Porta.

So, the unknown woman talked to her friend a few months before Christmas, the same girl who talked to her at Christmas and told her about a trip on January 5. She says that there were two other girls with her. They get $40,000 to spend on anything they want during a weekend trip to St. Bart’s. She says that she wouldn’t give it a second thought after hearing the amount because it’s more than she makes in a whole year. She says that her friend even warned her about this well-known job, but she doesn’t care about any of that.