Echo-S 7 mod for Final Fantasy 7 Adds Voice to the Original Game

After seven years of work, the company launched a mod for the original Final Fantasy 7 that adds full voice acting to the game. Tsunamods’ Echo-S 7 mod has actors from around the world voicing every character in Final Fantasy 7, including the battle barks. Tsunamods said they have re-translated the Japanese script for FF7.

Echo-S 7 mod for Final Fantasy 7 adds voice to the original game

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Some of the dialogue has been modified to “sound more human.” Now it doesn’t seem like the actors are just reading a text box. The team working on the project also streamed some processes on Twitch. After completing the Final Fantasy 7 mod, Tsunamods will now continue voicing Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9.

As mentioned, this mod makes some changes to the dialogues. Personally, I don’t mind these changes. However, some lines are really funny. The voice quality is also top notch (especially for a mod).

You can see a trailer of the mod in action below.

Anyway, Echo-S is a really cool mod in my opinion and you can download it from here.

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