Enable Preview Pane in Windows 11 File Explorer and Fix Preview Pane Not Showing Files

There are a lot of new icons, a command bar, and a lot of new things in the File Explorer in Windows 11. In File Explorer, you can see images, documents, and other files without opening them. This is called the Preview Pane. Windows 11 doesn’t have this feature by default, so it doesn’t work.

This guide tells you how to make File Explorer’s preview pane appear in Windows 11. This isn’t the only thing you need to know about fixing the preview pane not showing images and other problems. This is good if you want to work with many files and see how a file looks before you open it in its application.

How to Enable File Explorer Preview Pane Windows 11?

  • Open the File Explorer app. You can use the Win + E shortcut key to open the app.
  • In File Explorer, click on the View button and move your mouse over the Show menu.
  • You will see several menus. Select Preview Pane from the drop-down menu to turn it on.

You have now turned on the preview pane in the File Explorer in Windows 11. When you choose a file, like a document or an image file, it will show up in the preview pane when you click on it in the list. It’s also possible that you can’t see a preview of the file on your PC. Check the following settings.

How to Fix Preview Pane Not Showing Files?

  • Press the Win + E keys to open File Explorer in Windows 11.
  • Then, click on the three horizontal dots menu, and choose Options from there.
  • The Folder Options window will open.
  • On the View tab, choose Show Preview Handlers in the Preview Pane. Enable it if not enabled.
  • If images don’t show up in the Preview pane, uncheck the Always show icons and never thumbnail option.

In Windows 11, the Preview Pane won’t show a preview of files. To fix this, make the following changes to the settings. Click on “Restore Defaults” and click the “Apply” button if you still have trouble. Doing this will reset the Folder option settings and fix the problems with File Explorer in Windows 11.

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