Envoy thanks Pakistan for standing with Türkiye during testing times

The Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan, His Excellency Dr. Mehmet Paçaci, together with Ms. Emel Derinöz Tekin, Deputy Head of Mission, visited the Centaurus Mall in the federal capital to see the donation/aid camp for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey, which has been established in cooperation with the administration of the Region, Centaurus Management and the students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Turkish Aerospace Industry, Air University on a voluntary basis.

Ambassador Paçaci met with the CEO of Centaurus Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan along with the country leader in Pakistan Muhammad Sohail Sajid. The Ambassador appreciated all the great value derived from this cause and selfless efforts for the people of Turkey, he also thanked the philanthropists, public and private agencies present. The Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan, His Excellency Dr. Mehmet Paçaci stated that Pakistan and Turkey were never like two countries but always behaved like one nation, he said that the hearts of the Pakistani people beat with the people of Turkey and thanked the people of Pakistan for standing by Turkey in them the hard times. The gravity of the situation is evident especially for the victims as time passes there is an urgent need for medicines, medical equipment, tents to avoid the cold, beds, blankets and special needs items for people of all ages, especially women and children. portable toilets, sanitary ware, long shelf life food, dry milk, tins of prepared food, etc.

On this occasion, the Turkish Ambassador said in a conversation with the media that Pakistan and the Pakistani nation did not leave their Turkish brothers and sisters alone in these difficult times, they started the relief process immediately after the earthquake, the Pakistani government, the armed forces and the efforts of the citizens of Pakistan are commendable. The entire Pakistani nation including teams from PIA, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), universities and their students, media are standing by Turkey. Sardar Yasir stated that the relations between the two countries have a golden history, Pakistan will always be remembered for the spirit and sacrifice of its people, we have always been as a nation in difficult times of floods, earthquakes and Covid-19. Dr. Mehmet Paçaci said that the restoration and reconstruction work has started in Turkey after the earthquake, the situation is getting worse because of the cold and the problems of the victims are increasing. In Turkey, victims are facing intense cold, with temperatures reaching minus 20 in some areas. Sardar Yasir Ilyas stated that the month of Ramadan is coming, which is the month of Zakat, so this Zakat should be given to the deserving people of Turkey, the people of Turkey need help.

Manpower from Pakistan can play an important role in rebuilding Turkey and the Pakistani government should send the cheap manpower including engineers and laborers from Pakistan to help rebuild Turkey.

Assistant Commissioner Islamabad Obaid Bati said that the efforts started immediately after the knowledge of the earthquake in Turkey, as the camp has been set up, along with money, essential items for Turkey are collected and sent directly to the Embassy, ​​every Pakistani is actively participating in the relief campaign , relief camps have been set up in different parts of Islamabad, the public response is impressive and will continue in the coming weeks.