Eric Bischoff Says The AEW Audience Has ‘Deteriorated’

“AEW Dynamite” has been doing well over the past few months. For several weeks in a row, the show had more than 1 million viewers. This was especially true after the All Out pay-per-view. Eric Bischoff doesn’t see the rise in AEW’s ratings as a sign of success, though. In the most recent episode of “Strictly Business,” a former WCW executive said that the increase in viewers doesn’t mean that the company is growing significantly.

“They gave some of their best performances… Okay, so their weekly averages went up by between 50 and 75,000 people?”

When asked if some growth was better than a drop, Bischoff said it was a “rounding error” and that the company hadn’t seen any significant growth. “Let’s go around the corner and see if the car wreck is still on the side of the road and if they’ve cleaned it up yet.”

Bischoff says that AEW hasn’t been able to get a much bigger audience because the promotion hasn’t made any “compelling television.” He also said that the recent rise in ratings was just a “blip,” since the most recent episode of “Dynamite” was watched by less than 1 million people. This was the show’s lowest rating since August 17, according to Figure Four Online.

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to say that “year over year,” there hasn’t been “renewed interest” in AEW’s products. He also thinks that the number of fans has “deteriorated” because the company only makes TV for its core audience and doesn’t try to bring in new viewers.

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Some people in the AEW camp have also said that the ratings aren’t good. Jim Ross questioned the “Grand Slam” ratings, even though the event was billed as a must-see with many top stars and title matches.

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