Five ways to improve your images SEO in Blogger.

Five ways to improve your images SEO in Blogger.

Your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) also has a lot to do with how well it looks to people. Most bloggers spend most of their time making their content SEO-friendly, but they don’t bother with making their images SEO-friendly. It’s the same for your images for your blog posts. Search engines look at them and put them in the search results.

Now that you know how important it is to make your images SEO-friendly, you might be wondering how you can do this in Blogger. The idea of image optimization is linked to keywords.

Make sure you find the words that describe the image and then add them. It’s easy to do that. In this post, we’ve shared some useful tips that can help you to make your images more search engine-friendly on your Blogger blog or site.

1. Add keywords in the image file name

Add keywords to the file name of the images before you upload them to your blog. This will make them more likely to be found by people who search for them. Most of the time, the file names of the pictures you get from the internet or make yourself don’t have words relevant to the image.

When you write a blog post about the new iPhone X, you can show how it works. The main words to use in this blog post are “iPhone,” “X,” and “features.” It will help if you put these keywords in the picture’s file name.

Add a – (dash) symbol between each word in the file name, like this: iPhone-x-features.jpg. Make sure you don’t add extra space to the image because it will be turned into code when you put it on your blog.

2. Compress your images

It’s the second most important thing you can do to improve your images. It would help if you compressed them. This will also make your blog load faster. There are a lot of online tools that you can use to make your images smaller without lowering their quality, but you have to be careful.

To help you compress your images, we’ll tell you to use, which is one of our favorite and most powerful tools. It lets you upload a lot of pictures at once. You can also check out our guide on compressing images on your Android phone without sacrificing quality, which shows how to do this.

3. Add ALT text

The alt attribute is a part of the image HTML tag that tells you what else you can do with an image besides look at it. This information is shown if the image can’t be loaded for some reason, like a slow internet connection or a wrong image URL.

  • The alt attribute is what tells people what the picture is about. As a bonus, it also helps your images’ SEO. Blogger has an option in the properties of an idea that lets you add alt text without writing it in the img tag.
  • Once you’ve put the picture on your blog, tap on it and then choose Properties.
  • This time, a box will pop up where you can add alt text to your picture.
  • The easiest way to do this is to say what the picture is about and add keywords. There are many features of the new iPhone X that you can write in the alt text.

4. Add a title.

The title is another attribute that can be added to the image tag in HTML, and it can be used to give the image a title. It is used to provide more information about an image shown when someone moves their mouse over it.

As with alt text, you can also add a title to an image from the Properties menu in Blogger. Title: When you write the title, you need to describe your picture and include relevant keywords.

5. Add image caption (optional)

A small piece of text written below an image on some blogs can help you understand what the image is about. This text is called an image caption, and it tells you what the image is about. There isn’t a need to add a caption to your pictures, but you can do so if you want to talk about a specific view.

To add a caption to your images in Blogger, you must tap the image and choose “Add a caption.”

To make your images more SEO-friendly, here are some tips to help you. To help us improve our pictures, you can tell us what else you know in the comment box below.