GAC EMKOO is What Hybrid SUVs of The Future Will Look Like

GAC EMKOO is What Hybrid SUVs of The Future Will Look Like

GAC’s new cars are on to something. On April 26th, the EMKOO SUV was introduced, a vehicle that immediately attracts the eye with its unique, edgy appearance. Trumpchi, a Chinese brand owned by GAC, introduced EMKOO.

The brand claims of bringing something unique to the table, distinguishing the car from the other GAC vehicles. According to GAC, the cars’ “Hi-tech industrial aesthetics” provide the public a preview of what GAC models will look like in the future. The car’s body is comparable to EMPOW, a sedan that debuted previously, so there’s a touch of Trumpchi-branded engineering in the vehicle.

For comparison, Trumpchi EMPOW is shown below.

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Razor Sharp Eyes

It’s safe to assume that the EMKOO’s visage is one of the most unique ever seen on a GAC. Previous versions were strong, tough, and even attractive, but none had an appearance like this one. The SUV has geometric, matrix-style headlights that illuminate one after the other at first.

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GAC calls them “Eyes of Revelation,” which may be a bit much for a car, but they are certainly stunning and give KCOO a futuristic appearance.

The front of EMKOO appears to be a toned-down version of the initial idea displayed below:

Do you remember Wolverine’s claws? The lights on the sides are quite similar to them.

Sharp cuts, sleek door handles, and an edgy taillight design distinguish EMKOO. Creases are so precise that one would swear they were drawn with a ruler. The car is covered with sharp wedges, with geometric designs at the front and accurate lighting at the front and back.

Black A-pillars join the car’s windshields to the body, while irregular arches contribute to the vehicle’s harsh appearance.

Aerodynamically efficient flush door handles and exquisite aluminum alloy wheels are added. A single touch activates the door handles.

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Strong shoulder lines and delicate, diagonal wrinkles extend down the side. These blend in with the other cuts on the automobile, injecting inventiveness, elegance, and aggression into the body.

Even though the creative design makes it appear to be an EV, it is not. In China, the vehicle will be known as the “Yingku.”

We don’t have official dimensions yet, but the EMKOO is thought to be equivalent to the Toyota RAV-4. That translates to around 4.6 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width, and less than 1.7 meters in height.

Made For The Future

If not for the customer’s safety, the vehicle’s demeanor suggests that it may produce razor-sharp edges. The vertical taillights reach up to the back window and then dip diagonally downwards towards the arches in a three-quarter view of the rear. If the Volvo V40’s rear lights were cut down to half their thickness, it would resemble EMKOO.

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It has a huge metallic spoiler that is divided in half by a beautifully constructed high-level brake light.

The number plate is located in a deep hole directly behind the GAC logo. A hulky dual exhaust rests on each side of a faux diffuser within the black and silver plastic bumper.

Futuristic Interior

The interior looks to be science fiction in nature, but here’s the surprise. You can have it.

The inside of the EMKOO has a strong futuristic vibe with metallic black/silver surrounds and an ambient blue that pervades the whole space.

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GAC has methods of showing you what it wants you to see. The blue highlights the metal tubing that contains the AC vents. This metal tube is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese scrolls. It’s poetic to think that a firm so driven to push the boundaries of time is thinking about what to keep from the past.

The main course is a huge center infotainment screen. The driver’s head-up display is entirely digital. The huge cupholders and a crystal gear selector are surrounded by a metallic accent in the center. A wireless charging pad may also be offered.

A Yamaha sound system has been fitted in the vehicle, with additional speakers put in the front seat headrests.

Engine and Transmission

EMKOO will use a second-generation Mega-Wave Hybrid System in conjunction with a 2.0-liter high-efficiency Atkinson Cycle engine to provide a limited but fully-electric cruising. Toyota’s hybrid technology is used in Toyota-GAC automobiles, whereas GAC’s 2.0-liter engine is it’s own.

The engine has a startling maximum thermal efficiency of 42.1 percent, and the fuel injection system may achieve an economy of up to 18.8 km/liter.

There are Mega 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct ignition petrol engines (TDGIs) available, all with an automated electronically controlled continuously variable gearbox (ECVT). The electronic control system has an intriguing character in that it watches the driver’s behavior and adjusts the interplay of the engine and gearbox to deliver optimum performance and fuel economy.

Other Sensors

3 solid-state Lidar units, 12 HD cameras, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and ADiGO 4.0 super-sensing interactive smart cockpit are among the sensory accessories. However, no Lidar has been detected in the photos thus far.

The Qualcomm 8155P car-grade cockpit has been chosen as the vehicle’s brain.


EMKOO will be offered in five-seater variants, with some anticipating a seven-seater variant as well. Vehicle deliveries in China are expected in October, while exports abroad will have to wait until 2023.