‘General Hospital’ Teaser shows a bloody hand and an enraged Nikolas

Things look like they’re going to get a little wild on set this week General Hospital episodes, according to a new preview.

The 16-second teaser opens with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) telling Finn (Michael Easton), “I know what I have to do: turn myself in,” after helping Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) through his mistakes. Will she clear her conscience and leave the three children behind?

Elsewhere, Spencer (Nicolas Alexander Chavez), who says he’s “had enough,” vows to Grandma Laura (Ginny Francis) to never let his father destroy anyone else.

Meanwhile, an enraged Nicholas storms into Wyndemere, telling Ava (Maura West), “I’m not going anywhere.” The show adds the words “Is it over for Nikolas?” before flashing to a bloody hand — teasing his possible demise.

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As announced late last year, Coloma will be leaving General Hospital after playing the role of Nikola since 2019. While it was revealed that his final set of episodes will air at the end of January, it’s clear that we’re getting closer to learning his character’s fate.

Several fans took to the comments section of the Twitter post to speculate what explosive storyline might come out of this week’s episodes.

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“I love seeing the Cassadines front and center,” one He wrote. “But you’re trying to tell us something with ‘I’m not going anywhere’ please tell me you’re not killing Nikolas!”

Other commented, “I think he’s going to ‘die’ or end up in a coma until they reformulate. Nicholas has many ties to the canvas. There’s no way they’re going to kill off the character.”

“Someone will be dead,” a third person added.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what drama unfolds in Port Charles when General Hospital airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on ABC.