Ghislane Maxwell will appeal the conviction after the divorce

Sex trafficker Ghislane Maxwell will challenge her conviction after winning a $1 million divorce settlement, according to a report.

The convicted predator is setting her sights on freedom after documents were filed with a US judge awarding her the hefty settlement in her soon-to-be-finalized divorce from husband Scott Borgerson, a source told The Sun.

“Ghislaine has long awaited her appeal and believes she has a technically strong case,” the insider said.

“However, even if her appeal is successful, she would not have enough cash to fund a retrial.”

Maxwell, an associate and former girlfriend of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, has been behind bars since December 2021 for her role in his perverted scheme. He is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Scott Borgerson, the husband of Ghislaine Maxwell, who lives in a mansion overlooking the M Atlantic outside the New England town of Manchester By The Sea in Massachusetts.
Scott Borgerson has been in charge of Maxwell’s finances since her arrest.

Her bid for freedom could cost her $10 million, another insider told the Daily Mail.

Last month, Maxwell hired Harvey Weinstein’s appeals attorney to fight.

The socially-shy, 61-year-old claimed in 2020 that she and tech CEO Borgerson were only divorcing to “protect” him from “hooking up with her.”

Although Borgerson lobbied for her release on bail before trial, he reportedly refused to release money to pay for her appeal or legal bills.

Borgerson has been in charge of his estranged wife’s finances in recent years and has since sold off property worth millions.

Now, their divorce settlement will leave Maxwell with just $1 million of her estimated net worth of $20 million.

“The divorce papers have been filed, but it comes at a price,” the Sun’s source said.

“Ghislaine lived a life of unimaginable luxury with private jets and luxury yachts. But now, between her legal bills and the divorce, she’s broke.”