Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vinayak Insists On Seeing Sai’s House

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 3rd October 2022, Written Episode

Bhavani says that jungli mulgi/Sai didn’t bring her family anything but pain, so she won’t let her ruin their lives again, especially the relationship between Virat and Pakhi. Virat comes back with Pakhi and says that Sai’s presence won’t affect them in any way because Sai is his old friend and there’s no reason or need to talk about Sai. Bhavani tells Pakhi that by calling Sai right here, she has brought trouble on herself because Sai will ruin her marriage. Pakhi says that she called Sai here to deal with Vinayak because she knows that Virat loves Vinayak very much and she knows that only Sai can deal with Vinayak. Bhavani asks who the woman is with Sai if Sai has gotten married again.

A real estate agent shows Sai a house. Savi likes it. Sai asks who owns it and puts money in it. Agent tells her not to worry about it because the owner is out of the country and she will just pay rent and live here in peace. Sai will start to wonder. Usha tells her not to worry because Savi has a place to stay. Karishma tells Bhavani that Sai is a ticking time bomb who will go to Chavan Nivas and ruin their lives. She does this because she worries about the relationship between Virat and Pakhi. Bhavani tells her in a loud voice not to say anything bad. Omkar says that they have been living peacefully for years without Sai’s help, so why would Sai come into their lives now? Karishma says that Sai is hard to predict and could do something. Bhavani says she will tell Sai not to get in between Virat and Pakhi on the anniversary of their wedding.

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