Google Ads Invites misused by Threat actors to promote adult sites

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The Google advertising platform is quite famous among advertisers as it allows them to run campaigns in Google search results and on partner websites. It came with an invitations feature, which allowed companies to add new users to the accounts management interface via email. However, the bad actors took this opportunity for their nefarious activities. Because of this, Google Ads invites are now being accused of delivering email messages that promote spam and sex websites to users who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise use Google advertising platforms.

As part of this ongoing campaign, many attackers are using the Google Ads admin interface to send bulk email invitations. These actors bypassed the recipient’s spam filter to reach the most people. The email redirected users to untrustworthy websites that pushed adult dating sites and some of these websites even collected personal information from visitors.

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Many users around the world have reported getting emails from authentic Google Ads accounts that caught their attention. These emails were sent from Google’s servers and some types forced users to visit spam links in the emails.

Called a Redditor erohtar, tweeted that: “The email will be sent from the official Google address ‘Google Ads” It’s legit, actually sent from Google, and it gives me access to the scammer’s Google Ads account.”

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He also shared the screenshot, shared below:

Google Ads admin prompt abused for spamming
Google Ads admin invites abused for spam (erohtar via Reddit)


Another user named Bradon was quite frustrated and wrote on the Google community forum: “I’ve tossed the emails, but it would be nice if Google could get a handle on their products so their users don’t have to be on their toes all the time. to be for phishing scams.”

Google Ads email spam


The company has not specified what it will do to resolve this issue. Let’s wait and see.

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