Google copies Apple- Officially brings Switch to Android app

Google copies Apple- Officially brings Switch to Android app

Google is often regarded as the most forward-thinking firm, consistently introducing fresh and different concepts and designs that provide users with ease and comfort. This time, Google has released a new “Switch to Android” app on the App Store. Though the concept is not new, as Apple introduced the Move to iOS Android app in 2015, it is a new option for customers who desire to convert to Android. The switch produces the sound of crickets twittering. This release will make it easier for people to move to Android devices.

The “Switch to Android” option is for those who wish to check out Android for the first time or for those who miss owning one of the Android phones and want to try it out. The concept is simple and a welcome update for many iOS users who wish to try Android. The program works similarly to Apple’s “Move to iOS,” which aims to make the transfer from Android to iPhone easier for consumers.

Many users are afraid of losing essential personal data, so they are hesitant to change the app. Google assures that nothing valuable is lost. It assumes responsibility for all of the user’s vital data and successfully transfers it to the target Android smartphone. Everything will be done wirelessly. Thus there will be no need to share data via actual connections, as we used to do a few years ago.

The Android switch is free, 39 megabytes in size, and requires an iPhone or iPad touch.

How to Shift to Android app:

The procedure consists of a few steps that Google wants its users to do before switching to an Android device. These procedures will aid in information security and the easy transfer of personal data. When he opens his Android phone, turning off iMessage will send an automatic communication to Apple, instructing it to transfer a copy of his data from the iCloud to the Android smartphone. The program will ask the user questions to move the data professionally and easily. The data transfer is baked into Google Drive, where everything is saved and subsequently downloaded to the new device.