Heartbreaking final words of dying man, 30, revealed shock killer as he lay bleeding on chilling camera

A DEAD man revealed the shocking identity of his killer in a heartbreaking final message to authorities, according to a new report.

Jose Luis Hernandez Laureano used one of his last breaths to point at his alleged killer lover Connie Alvarado-Romero and say, “Ella me disparo (shoot me),” according to body camera footage.


A dying man pointed at his estranged lover and used one of his last breaths to say “Ella me disparo (shoot me)”Credit: Google Maps

One from Bakersfield, California was fatally shot on November 17, 2021, near a road.

Officers arrived to discover him lying in the street in front of a woman later identified as Alvarado-Romero — Laureano’s estranged girlfriend.

The 30-year-old was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, local station KGET mentionted.

Alvarado-Romero was arrested after the shooting but was initially released.

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Later in October, he was hit with charges related to his death after a weeks-long investigation, court documents reveal.

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On the day of the incident he initially said that someone shot the dead man.

She said she left her home to get the mail when she heard a loud bang and discovered his body.

When asked by police whether or not anyone would want to kill him, he said he couldn’t name anyone but told them he goes to clubs with “women and drugs”.

The two shared a child and lived together at one point, but she said there were abuse issues and he hadn’t been around for the past two months.

She later admitted to authorities that she shot her lover and said it was the result of a domestic violence incident.

However, the police could find no evidence to corroborate her story.

Officials noted in the report that he had no visible injuries and did not seek a restraining or restraining order against Laureano.

Police also reviewed surveillance footage and were unable to see any vehicles entering or leaving the area at the time of the shooting, court records reveal.

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Neighbors of the couple told authorities they did not hear voices or signs of an argument before Laureano was also shot.

The researchers confronted the woman with their findings and said there was no evidence to support her claims.

He then said he killed him when he arrived at their home to see his child.

Alvarado-Romero claimed she was in her vehicle outside the home when he began choking her and holding a gun to her head.

She grabbed the gun, which authorities later determined she bought illegally, and fired, hitting her estranged lover in the left lung.

“He said that if a person feels threatened, they don’t know how to act and have to defend themselves,” an investigator wrote in the report.

The alleged killer later admitted to buying the gun and said she threw it away after firing.

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Officials were unable to recover the weapon.

Alvarado-Romera has been charged with first-degree murder in his death.