Here’s The Untold Truth We Know About Kye Kelley New Wife, Lizzy Musi

Kye Kelley is a skilled race car driver getting married to Lizzy Musi, the woman he has been with for a long time.

He might be known for his appearance in the movie Street Outlaws: New Orleans. He was racing on the street before he even had his license. Before he joined the band, he worked full-time at an oil refinery agency.

At age 15, he bought his first car with money he saved from milking cows and bagging groceries. He and his business partner, Greg Champagne, have opened a store called Down South Performance in Mississippi.

Who Is Kye Kelley’s New Wife, Lizzy Musi?

Kye Kelly’s girlfriend, Lizzy, has been with him for a long time. Lizzi is an experienced drag racer, and since both “couples” are interested in the same thing, they might get along well.

Musi’s father, Pat Musi, owns Pat Musi Racing Engines. Musi’s mother, Elizabeth, used to race in drag races.

She also has a younger sister named Patricia, who goes by the name Tricia and is often a drag racer.

We Know About Kye Kelley New Wife, Lizzy Musi

Lizzy grew up around cars. When she was six, her dad taught her how to drive a kart; when she was eight, she started racing. In 2012, she started running in drag races for real.

She joined the American Drag Racing League and won the first round, but she was kicked out of the league before the second round.

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In 2014, she won the Professional Drag Racers Association National Level Pro Nitrous race at Virginia Motorsports Park, a reward for all her hard work.

Kye Kelley’s Net Worth In 2022

Kye Kelley has a net worth of between $800,000 and $1 million. He makes a good living as a professional car racer and from his appearance in the Street Outlaws show.



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He also has his performance store called Down South Performance. So, he makes a good living at his job and lives with his family.

Explore Kye Kelley Married Life

Explore Kye Kelley Married Life

Since 2017, Kye Kelley has been with Lizzy Musi, and it looks like they’re finally ready to get married. On February 6, Lizzy wrote on Instagram that she had talked to certain people about the dress from Pallas Couture.

Kye has been married before, but he got divorced from his first wife after a while. Lizzy will not be his first girlfriend. Kye dated Alisa Mote for a year before they got engaged in 2014.

Kye and Alisa got engaged the same year they got married and had a child together. However, things didn’t go well for the couple, and they decided to get a divorce in early 2017.

Kye is now going to marry his girlfriend Lizzy, and on July 8, she was seen having fun with her friends at her bachelorette party. So, it looks like they are about to get married.

Kye Kelley Children

Kye Kelley’s first marriage was to Alisa Mote, and they had one teen child together. Lizzy and his girlfriend don’t seem to have kids together.

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He and Lizzy might have children after they get married. In the same way, the couple hasn’t said anything good about the baby’s arrival.

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