Honda’s Cheapest Bike Costs Over Rs. 100,000 After Another Price Hike

Honda’s Cheapest Bike Costs Over Rs. 100,000 After Another Price Hike

Atlas Honda has announced yet another major price increase for its motorcycles. This is Honda’s third price increase in 2022, putting it in first place in terms of price increases announced by a bike manufacturer thus far.

The new prices of all Honda bikes are as follows:

Motorbike Current Price (Rs.) Suggested Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
CD 70 99,900 102,900 3,000
CD 70 Dream 106,500 109,500 3,000
Honda Pridor 136,900 139,900 3,000
CG 125 159,500 163,500 4,000
CG 125 SE 189,500 193,500 4,000
CB 125F 236,900 244,900 8,000
CB 150F 291,900 299,900 8,000
CB 150F SE 295,900 303,900 8,000

According to the Ministry of Industries and Production’s (MoIP) most recent report, Pakistan’s bike sector has achieved more than 90% localization. This means that most of a bike’s structural and mechanical components are manufactured in Pakistan, with only a few imported.

These assertions appear correct, as Pakistani bike manufacturers manufacture and sell basic items. Despite this, all firms continue to raise the pricing of their motorcycles, gradually driving them out of reach for most purchasers.

Despite being immensely wealthy and successful, Pakistan’s motorbike industry continues to deny customers newer and better items. Despite this, their sales continue to soar due to increased demand.