How Leo became a Whitelighter is explained

Leo Wyatt’s (Brian Krause) role as the Whitelighter helped expand the lore Fascinated, but how he became a Whitelighter and what that actually meant was often unclear. The supernatural drama series followed the Halliwell witch sisters as they fought against evil, and Leo’s role as their Whitelighter was often a major factor in how they got out of potentially deadly situations. Leo was the ultimate support figure, providing the Enchanted with the information, encouragement, and strength they needed to battle the warriors and demons every day.

While the main characters dated demons a lot Fascinated, the only relationship that came close to rivaling that between the Halliwell sisters was the romance between Leo and Piper (Holly Marie Combs). Whitelighters and witches weren’t allowed to be together, which meant Leo and Piper had to constantly fight for their forbidden love, both from outside forces trying to tear them apart and from the pressure of their individual destinies forcing them together. was breaking up. A Whitelighter he was in meeting and bonding with Piper, it’s impossible to understand their relationship without exploring his supernatural responsibilities.

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Leo became a Whitelighter after he died in WWII

Leo in army uniform, 1940s and modern times, in Charmed

In his human life, Leo was a World War II medic who died while returning to save more soldiers. Because of his selfless desire to help, he was offered the opportunity to protect and guide the forces of good in the world as a Whitelighter. Although later characters like Wyatt and Chris were partially born Whitelighter, it was generally seen as a job, not a genre. Whitelighters gain their powers through a combination of fate and choice, as they must follow the selfless path in life and accept the position after they die.

Leo, like most Whitelighters, felt a calling to help others above all his personal desires. He spent the first 56 years of his afterlife mentoring young witches and future Whitelighters, using a variety of powers, including healing abilities and orbing. Although he technically chose to become a Whitelighter in 1942, it was a position he re-committed to on a daily basis.

Leo’s desire to become a Whitelighter was only challenged when he fell in love with Piper Halliwell, as the romance broke the rules and led Leo to choose his family over his other charges. For example, he continued to support his sister-in-law Phoebe when she was pregnant with Heir of Evil. Leo’s personal investment in the Halliwell family kept him oscillating between his work and personal life from Seasons 2 to 5.

Leo went on to become an elder in season 5

Leo becomes an Elder in Charmed

When the Titans were released on Earth and began killing the Whitelighters in season 5, episode 22, “Oh My Goddess! Part 2”, Leo ended up being “promoted” to an Elder. The Elders were the leaders of the Whitelighters, who had the ability to communicate with individual Whitelighters through a telepathic link, chose who would become a Whitelighter and what their charges were, and generally directed the forces of good. crisis, protecting the surviving Whitelighters and guiding the witches in their fight against the Titans.

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Leo was led to this power by his son Chris Halliwell, who had knowledge from the future about the family’s destiny. Taking over the duties of the Elders caused physical changes in Leo, whose hair began to turn white, and he displayed new abilities, including summoning Whitelighters, teleporting people from a distance, removing a person’s pain, and shooting electrical bolts to the enemies. While these abilities made him stronger, they also made Piper worry that she would have to lose her husband.

Notably, becoming an Elder was not an option, as being a Whitelighter is. As Chris explained, “nno one chose this. Choose Leo. What he did up there for all of us was nothing short of a miracle. Now he receives the ultimate reward.”​ had died earlier in Season 5, the Halliwells struggled to believe there could be a happier future for them.

Leo stops being whiter after falling from Grace in Season 7

Leo thinks about falling for Grace on Charmed.

Leo’s conflict between his destiny and his family has been his main arc throughout the series, culminating in Season 7, Episode 16, “The Seven Year Witch,” in which he chooses to literally fall from grace in order to be with his family. This critical ultimatum came because the Elders saw that Leo could not fully commit to either side of himself since he had split his loyalties. Although the Elders did everything they could to get Leo to choose to be a full-time Whitelighter, he felt Piper dying and chose her and her family over everything he lost in the process.

This was a critical turning point in the series, as it resolved Leo’s main storyline conflict, leaving little for him in its eighth and final season. Fascinated. His personal arc was complete and his lack of powers prevented him from actively participating in the big brothers’ battles. With his narrative purpose complete, the writers ended up sending Leo away, likely so they wouldn’t have to worry about finding a new conflict to throw him into.

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While Leo’s newfound peace was a bit overwhelming for fans as it meant he got very little screen time, it was the only logical solution for a character defined by a single key clash. Instead of letting his personality waver, Fascinated it allowed Leo to be happy with exactly what he had, no longer having to fight for more. Although Leo lost his powers when he chose to fall from grace, he gained the ability to fully devote himself to his wife and children – the ultimate happy ending for a man who spent so many years torn in two.

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