How much does a BMW i4 cost in 2023?

BMW’s 2023 i4 lineup includes a new entry-level model called the eDrive35, which joins the existing eDrive40 and M50 versions. Here’s how much they cost.

The bmw The i4 is arguably one of the most attractive electric sedans available today and is available in three models at different price points. Although it features an all-electric powertrain platform, the i4 retains a traditional sleek design accentuated by the trademark kidney grille. As BMW’s first electric sedan, the i4 plays a key role in the company’s electrification efforts.

In 2023, BMW raised the i4’s starting price by a few thousand dollars. The automaker also introduced a third model called the eDrive35, which joins the existing portfolio of the eDrive40 and M50. The eDrive40 ($55,900) and M50 ($67,300) are now $57,100 and $68,700, respectively. The eDrive35 costs $52,000, making it the new entry-level version. However, getting it at this price means sacrificing range and horsepower. However, this variant supports DC fast charging. Currently, none of the i4 variants qualify for the renewed EV tax credit.

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BMW i4: Performance & Range

BMW i4 M50 variant up close
Image: BMW

When it comes to range, the i4 offers up to 301 miles if buyers opt for the eDrive40 version. This variant has a top speed of 118 mph, a maximum power of 335 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, the eDrive40 is noticeably slow to reach 0 to 60 mph, taking 5.5 seconds to accelerate. The M50 fares better in the performance department with 536 horsepower and a record 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds. However, it only offers 270 miles of range, which isn’t right for a $68,000+ car. Meanwhile, the new base model — eDrive35 — is good for up to 256 miles, goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and promises 285 hp.

BMW provides a range of home and public charging solutions. Customers can request the installation of a WallBox Level 2 home charger through Qmerit or use the flexible fast charger provided with every i4 purchase. The latter works with 120V and 240V sockets. DC fast charging is also supported, and thanks to BMW’s partnership with Electrify America, i4 buyers will get free access to two years of charging.

Inside, the i4 gets standard sports seats, but those looking for a more luxurious finish have Vernasca leather trim. Buyers get BMW’s curved screen and the company’s iDrive 8 operating system that promises frequent software updates. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also supported. Buyers can opt for the driver and park assist packages and other extras such as heated front seats, head-up display, eSIM 5G and wireless charging. However, these additions will significantly increase its asking price BMW i4.

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