How to Activate Taskbar on Google Pixel Phone Running Android 12L

Android 12L is an improved version of the Android operating system designed for large-screen devices such as tablets and foldable phones. One of the most exciting features of Android 12L is Microsoft’s Windows-like taskbar, which makes multitasking on tablets and foldable devices more powerful and straightforward.

The Android 12L update is now available for all Pixel phones that support it, including the Pixel 6/Pro, Pixel 5/5a, and Pixel 4/4a. However, because it is a large-screen-focused operating system, the taskbar will not be available on Pixel phones. However, using a simple hack, you may experience the Android 12L taskbar on your phone.

How to Turn on the Taskbar on Google Pixel Phones running Android 12L?

  • First, go to your Pixel phone’s Settings menu, scroll down, and select the About Phone option.
  • Then, continually press the Build number until your phone prompts you for your PIN.
  • To access the Developer Options menu, enter the PIN.
  • Return to the Settings menu, pick the System menu, and select Developer Options.
  • Scroll down in Developer Options and select the Smallest width choice beneath the Drawing section.
  • To enable the taskbar, change the value to 600.

When the minimum width is set to 600dp, the taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen with a few programs. That’s all there is to enabling the Android 12L taskbar on Pixel phones.

This productivity tool makes multitasking more effective and intuitive by allowing the taskbar to hold up to five apps. With a simple press, you can switch between the apps. Gestures make it easier to use the taskbar. To activate split-screen, drag & drop apps from the Android 12L taskbar on top of an open app.

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