How to Block Ads on Spotify

how to Block Ads on Spotify

Spotify’s free tier is fantastic, but it would be even better without all of the advertisements. While we cannot provide you with all of Spotify’s paid services, such as offline music listening, for free, we can block those adverts for you.

How to block Spotify ads in web browsers

Spotify’s web player works properly in most browsers. If you use the service in this manner, a browser plugin can disable adverts for you. Most users can use uBlock Origin to block Spotify advertisements. (It also prevents advertisements on all other websites.) If you don’t want to block adverts across the internet, use an addon like SpotiAds to confine ad-blocking to Spotify only.

How to hide Spotify ads on a PC

There are two ways to disable all advertisements in Spotify’s Windows app without purchasing Spotify Premium. (Please keep in mind that these blockers will not work with the Microsoft Store version of Spotify’s app; you must download the app straight from Spotify’s website to utilize them.)

BlockTheSpot is one of the finest Spotify ad blockers for Windows. Its GitHub page contains all of the necessary installation instructions, and its software will remove music, video, and banner adverts from Spotify’s app. Spotify changes may temporarily disable ad-blocking, but you may execute the.bat file from BlockTheSpot’s folder, and it should resume operating. You can try BurntSushi as an alternative to BlockTheSpot.

How to remove Spotify ads on Mac and Linux

Spotify-Adblock-MacOS may be used on Mac to block adverts in the app, but it requires you to create a self-signed certificate using the Keychain Access software. Install the Spotify app and follow the steps on the GitHub page before opening it; alternatively, leave Spotify and follow the instructions to get the ad blocker to function.

The next time you use Spotify, it will request access to the folder where you saved the ad blocker. After that, you can enjoy ad-free Spotify, and the implementation will remain intact even if you upgrade the app.

If you use the Spotify app on Linux, you can try Spotify-AdBlock to make sure it’s compatible with your Linux distribution.