How to Block Your SIM If It Gets Stolen

How to Block Your SIM If It Gets Stolen

Many people are very excited when their favourite phone company releases new phones. Many people book their phones in advance or rush to buy a new phone on the first day it comes out in stores. Your new favourite thing can be stolen or snatched these days very quickly. Then you’d want to block your SIM right away! How to block your SIM card is easy.

Even though you spent a lot of money on the new phone, having your SIM card in the wrong hands is a big deal, especially if it’s in the hands of a crime. If your SIM card is used without your permission, you could be with the law.

Fraud is the main reason people want to block their SIM cards. There have been a lot of times when someone else used someone else’s CNIC to buy a SIM card and use it for illegal things. Because of the Pakistani government, there is now a way for people to see how many SIM cards they have. This kind of thing needs to be in a SIM block.

Number of SIMS Registered Against Your CNIC

  1. Go to the SMS app on your phone.
  2. Do not put hyphens in your full 13-digit CNIC number when you write it down.
  3. Could you send it to 668?
  4. Your SIM card can be blocked by going through a franchise
  5. To get rid of the SIM card, go to the nearest store and have it taken away.

How to Block SIM Via Helpline

  1. Call the helpline.
  2. Become a member.
  3. Ask for the cancellation of your SIM.
  4. The telecom company will send you a second SIM card for free most of the time.

Customer Service Numbers

To reach your network, you can call the following helpline numbers:

  • Ufone: call on 333
  • Jazz: call on 111
  • Zong: call on 310
  • Telenor: call on 345