How to change colour of WhatsApp keyboard

Users of Meta’s WhatsApp can alter the color of the app’s keyboard, but some are uncertain of how to do so.

Here are some simple measures to take:


  • Go to any chat in the app after you’ve logged in.
  • Go to ‘Themes’ by tapping the wheel or gear that appears on the keyboard.
  • The user will see a sequence of colors for the keyboard after taping.
  • It’s as simple as that.
  • The user may also add a picture or image.

Tap backs

Previously, it was learned that WhatsApp intends to release a new version that would include message responses – or “Tapbacks” in Apple Messages jargon – that will allow users to reply to messages quickly and easily.

With the update’s release, Apple and iPhone users could react to a message without typing out a more extended text-based response.

WebBetaInfo’s most recent graphics provide consumers a better understanding of how they’re likely to operate.

WhatsApp users will see a row of emojis just above a message, similar to Facebook Messenger; however, it’s not apparent from the images if this is after a long press or the pressing of a new button.

The six emojis presently available are thumbs up, heart, face with tears of joy, beginning with open mouth, sobbing face, and folded hands. When a response is selected, a smaller profile shows below the message.

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