How to Change Easypaisa Account Number

How to Change Easypaisa Account Number

Please read the whole page if you want to alter your Easypaisa account number. Do you have an Easy Paisa account that you’d like to change? Carefully Before changing the Easypaisa cellphone number in a few steps, read all articles. Have the Easypaisa app on your phone and a new number to enter to update your Easypaisa account mobile number.

Easypaisa is a Telenor microfinance bank account in Pakistan tied to your phone number. Unsubscribers have the same level of access as subscribers. You want to move money across the country quickly and easily. As a result, this programme may be a superior option for sending and receiving money, paying utility bills, school and college tuition, corporate payments, and so on. You may also recharge your phone and sign up for numerous mobile plans.

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Suppose you’ve forgotten your Easypaisa account number and don’t know where to look for it. Dial *786# to reach Telenor’s customer service centre. From there, you may quickly access your Easypaisa mobile app. If you’ve forgotten your Easypaisa password and wish to retrieve it, click the lost password link. Enter your current mobile phone number and CNIC number. Enter the OTP for confirmation, create a new PIN, and have fun.

Note: To ensure your safety, remove any funds from your previous Easy Paisa account before changing your mobile number.

How to Change Your Easypaisa Account Number (Method 1)

To change your Easypaisa account number, first, uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the Playstore. Open the app and choose Change Phone Number Now. Click on Proceed after entering a new number. 

Enter your CNIC number and the date it was issued, then click the Confirm button. Pres Confirm Now Successfully after joining the Reset Confirmation Code, Your Easypaisa Account Number has been updated. A new phone number will appear in your Easypaisa app.

Easypaisa Account Number Change Procedures

  • To change your Easypaisa account number, go to your mobile settings first.
  • Then choose Easypaisa from the App menu.
  • Then go to storage and delete everything.
  • Now go to the Easypaisa app and launch it. It displays your previous mobile phone number. Change the number by clicking on it.
  • Continue by entering a new mobile phone number.
  • Enter your CNIC number as well as the date of issuance. Click Next once you’ve confirmed it.
  • Reset the device and enter the 05-digit PIN code. Because the code will be needed for future logins, keep it safe when you get it.
  • You’ve successfully changed your Easypaisa account number now. A new Mobile Number number will appear in your Easypaisa app.

Method 2: Use the code *786# to change your Easypaisa account number.

If you have a new mobile number on your phone, use the code *786# to change your Easypaisa account number.

  • First Dial from New Number *786#
  • Enter one and press the “Send” button.
  • Now Click on Send after entering the CNIC/ID card number and issuance date without any spaces.
  • Now Retype your 5-digit PIN and click Send.
  • Your Number Congregation will get a message. Enjoy the change in your Easypaisa account number.

Please contact us if you still don’t know how to change your Easypaisa account number. Then call the official phone numbers and email addresses listed below. Telenor Helpline Number (021 / 042 / 051) 111-003-737 for Telenor users dial 3737 for general, and any complaints for Telenor users dial 3737 for Telenor.