How to change your Twitter handle or username

  • By opening your Account Information option, you can alter your Twitter handle.
  • A Twitter handle does not have to be your name, but you cannot use someone else’s Username.
  • Your Twitter handle, which differs from your display name, begins with a @ sign.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Twitter does not require you to use your actual name anywhere. Your handle can be a play on your real name, a joke or meme, or a random collection of digits and characters. It only has to be unique and not contain slurs or other things against the guidelines.

And best of all, you may change your Twitter handle. All you have to do is navigate to your account settings.

How to change your Twitter handle or username

  1. Swipe right to open the side menu, then scroll down to Settings and privacy.
  2. Navigate to the Twitter settings page.
  3. Select Account, then Username.
  4. Type in your new name. You may also be offered several recommendations; tap any of them to establish it as your Username automatically.
  5. Finally, click Done to save your new handle.

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