How to Check Remaining MBs in Ufone (Easy Method)

Do you want to check the remaining MBs of the Ufone super card or postpaid SIM? I’ll show you how to check how many MBs Ufone has left.

Ufone offers affordable 3G/4G internet packages that can be purchased daily, weekly, or monthly. You’re in the right place if you have a Ufone SIM card and want to see how many MBs are left in your internet bundle. You can quickly check the number of MBs left on your Ufone SIM card using this method.

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How to Check Remaining MBS in Ufone

Here is how to check the remaining MBs in Ufone SIM.

Method 1: Using Ufone Remaining MBs Check Code

This method allows you to check the remaining MBs of your Ufone prepaid SIM’s daily, weekly, or monthly internet bundles. With this method, you can also check how many MBs are left on the Ufone super card. Follow these steps.

  • Open the phone dialer on your phone.
  • Dial *706# to see how many Ufone MBs are left.
  • A charge of Rs. 0.24 will be made.
  • Detail Code
  • Dial *706# to check your remaining MBs in Ufone.

Method 2: Using Ufone App

If you use the code to check your Ufone internet remaining MBs, some charges will be deducted from your balance. If you don’t have a credit on your Ufone SIM, you can check your remaining Ufone MBs from the Ufone app.

  • Download and install the My Ufone app on your smartphone.
  • Then open the My Ufone app and log in.
  • Go to the home page to see how many MBs and SMS and minutes are left on your phone.


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