How to Control Samsung TV With iPhone as Remote

A smart TV can’t be called a smart one if it can’t easily do simple and complicated things. There are a lot of TVs that are truly smart TVs, like the ones made by Samsung. People like these TVs because of how they work, how well they work, or how smart they are. Samsung has smart TVs for every price range, which is a good thing, no doubt. You might not be able to get the TV remote back if you lose it at this point. So today, we’re going to talk about how to control a Samsung Smart TV with just an iPhone.

When you use devices from the same company, they work well together. Use your Samsung smartphone to control your smart TV. It’s almost too easy. It’s very simple, easy, and quick. What if we told you that using an iPhone to control your Samsung Smart TV is even simple and easy? With our guide on how to handle a Samsung Smart TV with an iPhone, you should not have any trouble at all.

Table of Contents


  • Samsung Smart TV 
  • WiFi Network 
  • iPhone updated to the latest version
  • Samsung SmartThings app

How to Control Samsung Smart TV via iPhone

  • First things first. You need to connect your Samsung Smart TV and your iPhone to the same WiFi network so that they both work.
  • It’s time to get the SmartThings app on your iPhone. It can be found on the App Store as a free app.
  • It’s already open. Sign in with your Samsung account.
  • Then, after you’ve signed in to the account, click on the tab that says Devices to see your devices.
  • Next, you’ll have to click on the Home icon.
  • To add, click on the Add icon. It will now look for Samsung Smart devices near, in range, or on the same network.
  • Select or find the device you want to use. Then press the button that says “tap.”
  • Many things might need to be downloaded, like the app for controlling your devices.
  • With that done, you can now use the Smartthings app for your iPhone to control many things on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • All the basic functions will work well on your iPhone.


And that’s it. Samsung Smart TVs can be controlled with your iPhone. This simple and easy-to-follow guide shows you how to do this with your iPhone. We hope this guide has helped you understand and learn how to use the SmartThings iPhone app. Questions? Please let me know. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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