How To Delete MX TakaTak Account

How to Delete MX TakaTak Account: Short videos may be seen or shared on MX TakaTak, an online social network platform. You may create or change your account information, browse or view short videos submitted by other users, like, share, comment on your favorite video, and follow your favorite content creator using the web app. A few recent requests from visitors to our website asking that their MX TakaTak accounts be deleted. According to our investigation, some users of the MX TakaTak app are canceling their accounts because they aren’t utilizing the service.

Please stop notifications from your phone’s settings page or temporarily disable the background data of the relevant app if you are canceling this account due to irritating alerts. If you have a different reason, I’ll walk you through the process of deleting your MX TakaTak account.

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First A Little Bit About Company

MX Currently, TakaTak App is one of the top online social networking portals accessible globally by MX Media & Entertainment. According to the source, more than 50 million people have downloaded the software.

How To Delete MX TakaTak Account

User accounts may be deleted using the MX TakaTak App, which is currently under development. You may ask the customer service team to cancel your account in the meanwhile if such functionality is coming in a future update:-

Delete your Account by Sending an Email

  • Open the email account associated with the app.
  • Enter the email address in the subject line of your email.
  • Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY MX TAKATAK ACCOUNT” in the Subject field.
  • Now put your username, TAKATAK id, and your real reason for canceling your account in an email similar to the one shown below. Wait at least seven days after sending an email for a response.

Stay tuned to this page for further information about How to Delete MX TakaTak Account.

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