How to Delete Western Union Account

How can I permanently delete my Western Union account?

How can I permanently delete my Western Union account? I’ll teach you how to remove your Western Union account if you no longer want it.

Deactivating your account may be done for some different reasons. This video walks you through the process of terminating your Western Union services.

Western Union is a financial services corporation based in the United States. The New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company was established in 1851. After merging with a rival, the corporation renamed itself the Western Union Company in 1856. It’s a convenient way to transfer money to loved ones all across the globe. It is possible to get money from other individuals, too.

How to Delete a Western Union Account?

You may deactivate your Western Union account by following the procedures outlined below.


  • Register using an email service.
  • In the subject line, type ‘Request to Delete Account.’
  • Send an email to Western Union explaining why you want to terminate your account.
  • Use the email address associated with your Washington University account.
  • The phone number associated with your Western Union account should be written down.
  • Send an email to with the following information: 6.

The deactivation of your Western Union account will commence after the correct information has been submitted. Your account will be deleted entirely from their system after 30 days.


Visit the Western Union website’s contact us page for further information. If you wish to end your account with Western Union, phone their Customer Care Number and let them know. They’ll be able to assist you.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide helped you permanently close your Western Union account. It’s a good idea to spread the word if you’ve found this helpful tutorial.

The comments section is a great place to ask me any questions about this tutorial. I’ll do my best to respond.

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