How To Download And Install PUBG Mobile Korean Version On Phone

How To Download And Install PUBG Mobile Korean Version

PUBG Mobile KR is just another version of the global version, but only for people in the Korean region. A person can play this game by signing in with Facebook, Twitter, or as a guest.

The main reason PUBG Mobile KR is so popular is that its skins, outfits, and costumes are very different from those in the rest of the world. The KR version of PUBG has a lot of rare skins and rare costumes, and other things.

It costs a lot to buy the free costumes in PUBGM KR. The Korean version of the game was made specifically for Korea, so it can’t be accessed by people who live in other places.

The version of PUBG that was made for Korea was made to follow Korean laws and deal with the country’s data protection and privacy rules. Many people play PUBG on their phones, especially in Asian countries like Korea and India. The game also has a lot of room for esports, and there are tournaments worth millions of dollars every year for Esports players.

How To Download And Install PUBG Mobile Korean Version On Phone

As more people heard about the free rewards and skins that PUBG Mobile KR users could get, it became more and more popular. The first significant advantage of Pubg KR is that it doesn’t take long to load. There aren’t as many pings in the KR version as there used to be. This is because there aren’t as many people in the game.

A lower ping would make the game run better, and there would be less lag. Second, the game gives you a lot of rare things for free. The global version of the game has a terrible system for giving out occasional rewards to the people who play it. It’s not like that with PUBG Mobile Kr. The competition gives out easy tips that are rarer to the players regularly.

Even the game’s reward system looks good. It’s just that players don’t get the regular coins as a reward. There are a lot of tips in this game. They get skins, characters, and other things quickly. All of these options make it very profitable for the game to be at the top of many lists.

Installing the Korean version of PUBG on the phone is very easy.

If you want to download and play PUBG Mobile Korea, it can be easy because it is mostly only available in Korea. You need to download the game from outside sources and play it without any problems.

To avoid getting malware or viruses on your phone, you should choose a well-known and safe site. The steps to get the game and set it up are as follows:

  • You need to visit a trusted site like APKPure to get the XAPK file. You need to follow each of the steps carefully to ensure that the file you download is the right size and type. You also need to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the game. Once the download starts, you need to wait until the game file is down.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, you will be able to get to it. The file format will be XAPK, and the file name will be XAPK. XAPK files can’t be opened this way. So that you can open up PUBGM Kr’s APK and OBB files, you need to change their extensions. You do this by changing the name of the file you’ve been downloading to something like “Zip.”
  • Once you change the file extension from XApk to.Zip, you will open the file. Afterwards, you can open the Zip File with WinRAR or any other app. You need to get the files out of the compressed file. It has both the APK and OBB files in it.
  • Then you need to do the installation process. You need to press the APK file and install the app package on your phone to play the game.
  • Once you have installed the game on your phone with the APK file extension, you can play it. Keep an eye on where you keep your games and make sure they are in the right place. You need to create a new folder in the Android/OBB directory. must be the folder’s name that you put on your phone. You need to make sure of two things before you can move a file: the name and location of the folder it is in. If the game data is wrong, the game won’t work.
  • It is time to make a folder for the game. You need to take the OBB files from the zip file and put them in the folder you created in the previous step. The OBB file of the game holds all of the game data, so if you don’t put the OBB file in, the game won’t work or even work correctly.
  • Following the steps above, you can now run the game and enjoy it after you play. When you play PUBG Mobile Korea, you need to make sure that you are connected to the internet at all times so that you can play the game without having any problems.

Using the steps above, you can quickly download and play the game. So you will need to download a lot of data to play this game because it has a lot of graphics. After installing the game, it will need at least 1.9 GB of space.

Everything is done, and the game will use at least 4 GB of space on your phone, depending on the Audio and HD packs.