How to Fix Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Insignia is a popular brand that manufactures Smart TVs. They are popular mostly because of the low costs at which these televisions are sold. You get a lot of features at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. The amazing thing about Insignia TVs is that they come with either RokuOS or Amazon’s FireTV OS pre-installed, making them smart. Right out of the package. While everything is wonderful, one drawback irritates many users: the TV remote refuses to operate. In this post, we’ll look at how to repair the problem of your Insignia TV remote not functioning.

The TV remote is now an essential piece of equipment for all sorts of televisions. Instead of messing with the buttons on your TV, the TV remote allows you to operate a variety of tasks while relaxing on the sofa. But what if your Insignia TV remote stops working? We offer a variety of troubleshooting methods and solutions that you may use to repair your Insignia TV’s remote. Continue reading to learn more.

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Fix Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Before we get into the numerous troubleshooting procedures you’ll need to use to fix your Insignia TV Remote, ensure sure it’s not broken. It should not be damaged, and when you shake it, you should not hear the sound of broken pieces inside the remote. If your TV remote is faulty, you should replace it. If not, you may fix the TV remote by following the procedures below.

Check the Batteries

The first and most important thing you should do is check the batteries. It’s conceivable that the batteries in your remote have died or become weak. Acquire a new set of batteries and put them appropriately in this situation. Your remote should now be fully functional.

Power Cycle the Remote and your TV

There may be a momentary problem with the remote and the TV itself. In this scenario, all you’d have to do is remove the batteries from the remote and wait a few seconds. Replace the remote’s batteries. After that, unplug the television from its power source and wait a few seconds. After around 10 seconds, reconnect the TV and try using the TV remote. Your remote should be fully functional.

Clean the Sensors on the TV and Remote

Most remote controls use infrared to communicate with televisions. These sensors will be found on both the TV and the remote. It is conceivable that dust has accumulated on the sensors at times. It is best to wipe off the area where the sensors are located using a clean, dry towel. The sensor is located on the top of the TV remote. The sensor on the TV, on the other hand, is located near the bottom bezel. Make care to clean the area thoroughly. Also, make sure that nothing is in the way of the remote or the TV’s line of sight and that you are not sitting too far away from the TV. Your remote should now operate correctly once you have cleaned the sensors and confirmed that there are no obstacles in the line of sight between the TV and the remote.

Get a New Remote

We now know that Insignia TVs include Roku OS and Amazon’s FireTV OS. So, depending on the sort of Insignia TV you have, you should get a TV remote. If you already have the remote, you may learn how to link a new Roku Remote and configure a new FireTV Stick remote to your TV by following these guides. Replacement remotes should be available on Amazon or at any major electronics retailer.

Use the Mobile App

Because they are Smart TVs, you may now use the smartphone app as a TV control for your Insignia smart TV. Here’s how to set up and utilize the Insignia TV smartphone app as a remote.

Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working

  1. Install the Fire TV app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. Check that your TV and mobile device are linked to the same WiFi network.
  3. Now, open the Amazon Fire TV app and log in with the same account you used to set up your Insignia Fire TV.
  4. On the app, choose your Isnginia Fire TV.
  5. The software will now display numerous remote control features on your mobile phone screen.

Insignia Roku TV Remote Note Working

  1. You will need to download the free Roku app on your Android or iOS smartphone, just like the Fire TV approach.
  2. Check that your TV and mobile device are linked to the same WiFi network.
  3. Now, open the Roku app on your mobile device and sign in with the same account you used on your Roku TV.
  4. You have to tap on the Remote tab, and you’re done.
  5. All of your remote control options will be shown on your screen.


This is how to repair your Insignia TV remote. Of course, if the remote is physically broken, you will need to replace it. However, if you can’t find a replacement, you may use a universal remote or utilize the mobile app to have a [pprtable remote with you immediately. We hope this tutorial has assisted you in following the troubleshooting process and an alternate solution for how to fix the broken Insignia TV Remote.

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