How to Insert Mobile Phone Symbol in Microsoft Word

We use our phones for various purposes in the present digital world we live in. Have you ever wondered how different phone symbols can be created using the keyboard? Of course, you have, which is why your search brought you to our blog. Fortunately, inputting the characters for cell phones, telephones, and other related symbols is relatively simple, and few shortcuts are available. Additionally, if you’ve been using emoji on your phone, you can locate the phone symbol, but this won’t work with word documents.

And, to assist you with your query, we have a thorough tutorial with numerous approaches right here that you may use to insert or type the telephone symbol in a word file for Windows if necessary.

We’ll help you learn more efficient methods, including Alt code shortcuts. We are sure that the information we are about to provide will suffice and that you will not require any additional assistance. However, make sure you read the blog to the conclusion to understand more about the many symbols utilized.

As you may be aware, your keyboard, whether for Mac or Windows, has many keys that serve multiple functions.

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This indicates that there are some symbols for second keys readily available on your keyboard.

You may enter numerous intriguing symbols simply by pressing one or more keys simultaneously. The ‘ & ‘ sign appears when you hold down Shift and press the seven key. The ‘&’ character appears. However, as your second key, you can see a variety of additional symbols printed across the keyboard. This is primarily because standard typing will become problematic.

A phone is an example of such a symbol. We understand that if you need to add characters like this at work frequently and don’t know-how, your daily typing task might become quite challenging.


How to Add a Mobile Phone Symbol to a Microsoft Word Document

The quickest techniques to insert or type the phone/mobile phone symbols into the word file are shown in the following parts. Within a few minutes, you will notice that you can add a cell phone or another sign as required. Press the Alt key and write 9743 code in the numeric keypad to quickly type the phone sign on the keyboard.

However, we’ve included a more extensive explanation below that explains the various approaches in depth so you may try them yourself.


The first method is to use the Symbol option.

  • To begin, open the word document and the specific document you wish to add the mobile phone icon.
  • Now, next to the Home tab, click the Insert menu on the top left.
  • You’ll notice on the right side that the Symbol choice is available. Select it by hovering your mouse over it.
  • Now, open a tiny window and change the font types to ‘weddings.’
  • You now have the choice of selecting any of the many symbols available. Look for the one that resembles a cell phone.

Tap over the insert once you’ve found the sign, and the image will be uploaded. And that’s the end of your procedure!


You can also select the symbol and adjust its font size. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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